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Started by Doc, August 01, 2006, 08:35:01 pm

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Har the cat

wow, thats scary :-\ why would anyone do that?
Intergalactic cat says: Is this planet Earth?


Quote from: MaxXimus on February 20, 2008, 07:59:29 am
On a kind of unrelated topic, on a profile page I used to go to, I found a profile where someone was using my pictures and making a lot of false statements.

Maybe you have a stalker.
Seriously.  :o


Oh, probably. It's cuz I'm so hot, haha, joking. No, but seriously. :)

Ok I was kidding again. The impersonation thing IS weird though. What would someone gain from doing it?


Time to reinforce a couple rules:

Quote2. Being active is a good thing, but don't be too much of a post-whore. Add something useful to convos; none of those one-word posts, please.

-- I've noticed a few people doing one-word "lol" posts that are completely useless. Let's try to avoid that.

Quote5. You do not have to [./quote] a member's post if you are the first person to respond to it. In other words, don't read the latest post in thread and hit the QUOTE button. Hit the REPLY button. There are only two reasons to hit quote: either the post you want to reply to was posted previous to the latest reply or you want to pick out one phrase or sentence from a post, in which case you'll have to edit the quote to pick out that one phrase or sentence.

-- I've notice a lot of posts that quote images. Nothing wastes more page space than quoting an image. Let's try to avoid that, too. You know who you are! :P


I think both those are forum trend lately JC.  I have seen both quite a bit lately on all the forums I post on.  I totally agree, pretty annoying.


Just because they are the trend, it doesn't mean it should be allowed. All it does is take up space.

Anyways I have noticed that there have been lots of people who sign up and never make any posts. What is done with these accounts? Are they just deleted after a while, or left?


We've got users with no posts from 2006, so I'm guessing we keep them around.  The Auctions board is hidden to guests, so we may get accounts created from time to time by people who are only looking for deals.


The member numbers are inflated quite a bit because of this. I've considered going through the member list and deleting accounts from people who haven't logged in for two or more years...I don't know if there's any point to spending the time doing that.


Just throwing in my own opinions...

Member purging shouldn't be something you consider doing unless the number of inactive accounts is somehow a hindrance to normal forum activities. Lots of people register at forums and websites in case the need to come back on a rainy day or something. Purging their accounts may actually prevent them from coming back in the future, should they wish to do so.

Also, quoting images is annoying as hell, especially for low-bandwidth users. It is faux pas at many forums around the net.


With your first point, I see the point. There are also a number of spammers in the member list. Those might be purged.

And on point two, I hate it. Sometimes I edit out the images in others' quotes...very rarely, but there was one time where members were having some type of competition in a thread to see who could quote the most. It was a bit obnoxious, but it was taken care of...


A new rule. Everyone is expected to abide:

Quote9. Any violation of the rules must be reported through the "Report to moderator" link at the bottom-right corner of every post or through a PM to one of the moderators. Only moderators can enforce the forum's rules. No member has the right to enforce rules or pass judgment on alleged violations of the rules.


Read and understood. :P I shall be using that link a lot. :P



Are these rules invalidated now that FamicomJL is no longer relevant?


Anarchy because the leader has been deposed? No. Not at all.