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Introduce yourself...

Started by ClassicGameLabs, August 20, 2006, 08:58:39 pm

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Dang, that's a lot of gaming. Welcome!


I'm Kristofer and I'm from Sweden.
This is actually the first time I introduce myself at a forum, I dunno why I haven't before. Some might know me from other forums, usually by the nickname shrimp or sometimes as kralleman.
I've been lurking around here a little and thought I might as well register as it is a great forum. First time I really looked into the forum was when I was on the hunt for info on how to replace the FDS-drive belt. I still haven't done it as I'm waiting for the new belt to arrive from Japan. Anyhow... The Famicom is a great system and I hope this site along with these forums will grow to be the ultimate Famicom-source on the internet.


Thanks, shrimp. And welcome! :D

Yeah, I've seen you around NES World before, and I'm glad you've finally made the jump and signed up!


Good to see you here! (Been wondering who that I.P. came from...)


hello, I'm kevin from NW england & I've got a thing for famicom pirates & clones. I've not actively been collecting for some time but that's 'cause I completely ran out of space for more stuff. I'm currently trimmig down my varied collection & plan on sticking to the stuff I really like - famistuff, dev stuff & atari st/falcon things.

so hello from me :)



More brazilian friends! I am also from Brazil!  8)

Ipex, eu não sabia que você postava aqui seu maldito! \o/
[sorry to non-portuguese-speakers, but i need to post this in portuguese.. the translation goes below]
Ipex, I didn't know u used to post here too! \o/

Glad to see u guys!
if everything fails, use fire...


Very awesome. :) Great to have members from all parts of the globe! That was one of my goals, to not have just U.S. posters. :)


Hello everyone!
My name is Nick Vannan, I Live in Toronto Canada. 22 years old and i collect Video Games and Old Vinyl. I just recently (a week ago) received the Famicom off ebay from Japan, as well as a Disk System from Vancover BC. Here in Toronto its not particularly easy to find games for the famicom but i find some pirate carts everyonce in a while.
I have:
Nes x5
Snes x4
Virtual Boy
Gameboy, advanced, ds, ds lite
Dream Cast  x2
Genesis, 2, 3 x 5
Game Gear
Saturn x3
Sega CD
Panasonic 3DO
PSP x2
XBOX 360
Atari 2600 x2

Ive always wanted a famicom unit and now i have one, though i think its broken and the belt in my disk system is defiantly broken. I look forward to talking with all of you.


Let me be the first to say welcome to the board. ;D
That's sure a lot of consoles. :D


Greetings to everyone! I'm Aki, from Finland and i'm 22.

Started playing about 15-16 years ago with the NES. I collect all things Nintendo, so i rarely buy games for other machines.

I also have mainly been on my own country's boards, so you probably would not have seen me elsewhere until now, although i do occasionally read foreign boards, but not post to them.

E: oh, and please do correct me if my English is bad, cause it's a bit rusty.  That way i'll learn.  :D


Yay! More Scandinavian collectors :). Welcome!


Profeta Yoshitake

Hi there!
This is not only my presentation, but my very first post!
I'm Yoshitake, from Brazil, playing Famicom since 1987!
I have lots of videogames, 25+ different platforms, but
my beloved machine surely is the Famicom!
It is a pleasure to find this community, where I hope to
share knowledge and meet people!
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Welcome, Yoshitake! We've had a few Brazilians come and go. I hope you stick around.

I checked out your website. Nice! :)

Profeta Yoshitake

Quote from: JC on October 29, 2006, 03:34:53 pm
Welcome, Yoshitake! We've had a few Brazilians come and go. I hope you stick around.

I checked out your website. Nice! :)

Thank you!
I saw the profiles of two brazilian Famicom players here!
I know both of them! ipex and wimpy27!
They are friends of mine! (not so, I think, because they never told me about this community!)
About my website, I need time to translate all text to English and to put photos of all my
videogame items! To say the truth, I was unemployed and suffering the pain of selling
games of my own collection to survive! Thanks God I found a great new job!!
Now Playing: Dragon Ball Fusions, Yggdra Union