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Started by ClassicGameLabs, August 20, 2006, 08:58:39 pm

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I am a great video gamer! But i don't spam you! :star:


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Hiya Folks,

I'm originally from the UK, now living in Japan with my wonderful wife & 2 cats. My wife introduced me to the Famicom and we have many games, perhaps 200 or so now including the disk system(what a brilliant little machine , I love the mechanical nature and somehow archaic technology it has, it's an experience just to use). I thought it might be fun to share some of our favourite games with you lot and share the fun of the famicom!

Our most played game is a pretty obscure one I suspect, softball tengoku from Tonkin house/ Tokyo shoseki made in 1990, a really fun and amusing little title that we found earlier this year and have been addicted to since, single player mode is kinda like most of the fami baseball games, hard to love after a while, always feels like the CPU has the advantage, but multiplayer is superb and how I think it was always meant to be played, rush to choose the best players, (hint frog is a winner on the pond stadium), some charming graphics and characters and some great little touches got to love how the team brings you a bouquet of flowers when you get a home run! we recommend you give it a go.
Another one my wife didn't know as it was after her famicom gaming time is Hello Kitty no Hanabatake(hello kitty's garden shop), this is a really fun and unique little platform game where you have to water the flowers till they bloom and produce fruit and hit the monsters with a mallet! It feels somewhat like a taito arcade game, bubble bobble or rainbow islands, but a really fun and perhaps forgotten title you might well enjoy.

Right some of the games my wife loved back when they were current and we still enjoy now are Bird Week, Onyanko town, Son Son, Ikki, ninja kun 1,2,3, route 16 turbo, Gegege no kitaro yokai daimakyo, Q Taro wan wan panic, Tokaido 53, Valkyrie no bouken amonst many more.

Disk games we really enjoy are Kaettekita Mario bros, Yuu maze, Nazo no Kabe: Block-kuzushi, the adventures of chatran and Gall force.
Anyhow just thought it would be fun to share this with you all, we have so much fun with the famicom and hope can spread the joy to others!



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Oh, a couple of my favourites I forgot to mention, SD Gundam Hero Soukessen , it can be bloody hard but it's pretty fun and well worth having a look at, cheap and common as muck too!
Also Ultraman Club Kaiju Daikessen, a really fun platformer that follows the old TV theme pretty well and is lots of fun an not too hard(yes we have been watching the original ultraman 1966 series on bluray and also have ultraseven to watch too!), I'm a total sucker for kaiju stuff so these two are irresistible.

I also enjoyed the Godzilla for the famicom too, it can be a bit unwieldy at times but is a fun game to give a try, mothra should do much more damage though I think.


Hello! I am a newbie here  :bub: nice to meet everyone


Hello! i'm a newbie on this forum and on famicom collection but just the good games, i'm also a player.

I'm in love with my famicom AV in RGB mod with a fresh FDS and a little Sharp TV  8)

I'm French, so excuse my "Frenglish"  ;D
Diskeuh Systemeuh!


Heya. This is Wyatt8740 (real name also Wyatt...)

Long time lurker, long-time nesdev IRC frequenter, five-year famicom owner, but first-time poster here. I've owned four or five famicoms (all HVC-001 models), but am down to one working one and one system I'm keeping as a backup now (I kept the two cleanest ones).

(click image for full size)

I had two copies of Dragon Warrior, one of which had bad SRAM, so I used its shell for my flash cart.

I've never bought one listed as tested working, but all I've had have worked with minimal to no effort on my part regardless.

Both mine are AV modded, and my main one has had its player 1 controller cable swapped with one from an NES (with the original famicom PCB connector spliced on to the end) for extended length. I don't really plan to RGB mod anytime soon, though I have RGB CRT's, just because I'm a university student in America and that's an expensive mod to do (my CRT's were just lucky finds).


Nice Sun Microsystems keyboard!  I have one like it but with more purple accents.



Hello, my name is Tomasz, I'm 38 years old. I come from Poland. I've been involved in games for almost a few dozen years. I am a player and a collector :).


Hello to everyone, I am Carmine, I have Italian origins, just discovered the forum. Hope to find interesting people and interesting contents :)