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Finds (NES)

Started by JC, August 26, 2006, 12:13:07 pm

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This is where you can document all of your purchases!

Any NES game, accessory or merchandise find goes here.

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I'll start with some eBay finds that I got in the mail today:

QuickShot Scope for NES new in package, but plastic piece is disattached from the cardboard backing :(  (seller says it was fully attached prior to shipping, but I'm pretty sure that's a lie....oh well).  Paid 10 euro for it shipped, which is a lot less than what it has sold for in the past.

Lion King mint in box, 13 euro shipped

and a Famicom find...Super Mario IV !!  7 euro shipped!


Do you know if Super Mario IV is the Armadillo hack or something different?


Ahh, is that what the original game is called.  Yeah, I'm confident it's the hack.  I used to have the NES version of the game as well until I sold it recently.  Is the Famicom cart version rare?  This was the first time that I saw it anywhere, so I immediately picked it up :)


I don't know how rare it is. You probably know that pirates don't sell for much anyway. I have the same SMB4 Armadillo hack but it came on a Famicom multi-cart called Super Mario Family '92: HERE.


It is a weird hack...

Anyone know of the Super Mario World Famicom hack? I used to have the rom...



That's an awesome hack! Thanks for the link. I've been trying to get my hands on that cart for a while now. Haven't found it yet. Actually, I haven't gotten my hands on any of the 16-bit down to 8-bit hacks.



I wouldn't pay more than about $30 for it. That's the highest I go with unique pirates. But because it's got an aura of cool around it, I bet it could get $50.


I have just brought for the NES

New Ghostbusters II
GhostBusters II
Tom and Jerry
Super Spy Hunter
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Nice finds, man. :) Is New Ghostbusters II any good?


Fine then, NESHero. Be that way. :P

Went to a thrift store yesterday and picked up a CIB Challenge Set. It was my first significant find in DC's overly priced thrift stores. Cost me $14, not bad.


What!?? Jesus christ 14 bucks!!!!! Nice!


Finally picked up a Snake Rattle N Roll and manual. It's among my top five games and I had yet to find a nice looking copy for cheap. :)