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Started by manuel, August 27, 2006, 03:32:10 pm

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I have some books about Famicom and thought I'd show them to you guys here.  :)

I'll start with "Family Computer 1983-1994"
They have it on

It features photographs of all 1252 Famicom games ever produced. Indeed very nice.

It has interviews with famous game creators like Shigeru Miyamoto. Text is in Japanese and English by the way...

Some pics show other consoles.

That's really a very nice book. I read in it and look at the photos nearly every day. ;D

What do you think?


That's really cool and would be really handy for getting information for the site. :o I've seen on like that before. Do you know if there are more Famicom history books in English?


This is the only one in English I know... all the others are Japanese only.
I can really recommend that book.
When you click on the play-asia link in my first post, you can order it there.

I still have another book, which features games with screenshots, publisher, release date info and such. I will post that another time.


The above book is the only book with English aswell. I'm currently bidding on one on eBay as we speak (No one leak the URL please..!). It looks just so damn awesome.

There's also a cool Famicom book from 1984 that I'm bidding on, with as up to date as they could get. I'm bidding on it aswell.




As long as it's my computer chair and my hands can reach the keyboard. :D


Haha, good luck bidding.

There are some on ebay for BIN, so you wouldn't have to fight. ;)


Those are expensive and from the U.K., by the time it ships out to my home I'll retire teaching.


Now that you say it... all in the UK.
Then good luck with the auction.

You're teaching? Where? What?


U.S. History for 11th Graders.

If I lose the other auction, I'll be a little annoyed, but I'm hoping Kris reserves one for me next time he finds it.



I think im gonna order that book in the next week.
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Hey, manuel. If at any point you want to document any of your Famicom possessions for the FW site, we'd love to have them. You seem to take great pics! I can't wait to get my hands on that book!


Does the book include only general releases or does it feature rarities and weirdness?


Quote from: Stan Stepanic on August 27, 2006, 06:37:48 pm
Does the book include only general releases or does it feature rarities and weirdness?

I think it includes all.