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Started by Doc, July 29, 2006, 11:41:06 pm

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Was there a Waldo game made for the Famicom? He may have even been a big hit there...


The best things are the books, however. ;D


The Great Waldo Search is better than Where's Waldo, but that's not saying much. They both suck pretty bad. The Great Waldo Search might have actually been a half decent game if it had more levels. It only has something like 5 levels and can be beaten in about 5 minutes.

I like the books. But that is because they look great and unfortunately the games don't.


Yeah, it's really only a long running joke with my friends about Waldo. We've made up theories about where he is now.

Yeah, we were bored.


why would u have spent your hard earned money on that game, now that its cheap it doesnt really matter, but once you found him theres no challenge therefore being no replay value
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Good point -- no reply value. The same with the books. Once you find the fucker, that's the end of the fun -- at least until your memory fails you and you've forgotten where he is.

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That's the problem - the developers didn't take advantage of video game potential.  They could have made Waldo be randomly placed at a different spot each time.


Which is why it's a total waste of money if you had bought it in 1989...new.