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Started by nurd, June 06, 2008, 02:31:27 pm

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I was looking at my NESs and I noticed someting.

One of them is completely smooth, but the other one is completely textured.
Is one of them more uncommon, or are some just like that? That is the only difference


Hey yeah I also noticed that two weeks ago! I have two rough textured NES systems and one smooth textured NES. I opened them all up,and found out the smooth one has a different game tray( the black part where you push the game down in place) than the other two. The tray in the other two seem to be screwed to the 72 pins, but the smooth one isn't screwed to it so it's easier to take the tray off. Judging what I've seen, the smooth NES is an older model than the rough surfaced ones. Pretty much like the first verison of the famicom with the smooth bottom and square buttons.