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Shoot em ups

Started by satoshi_matrix, April 20, 2008, 12:06:17 pm

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Since Ikaruga got released on Xbox Live Arcade, its all Ive been playing lately. I just love these shumps. In case I missed some over the years, I just want to know what you guys consider to be the best shumps across any platform ever.



I'm not very much into this genre, but I kind of enjoyed R-Type.


Ikaruga for the Dreamcast.

Har the cat

i like aero fighters/sonic wings 3 for neo geo
salamander on pc engine, for famicom its to slow i think
r-type is cool, but extremely hard, jeese its hard
and afcourse galaga, i play it on the nes
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I don't know about "best", but my favorite is probably ESP RA.DE. for the Arcade. 

It's a Cave shooter that's not quite a curtain shooter (well, maybe it is at times).  I really like the weapon setup: standard shot, intermediate shot that replenishes over time (rather quickly), and a powerful shot that drains another bar (the longer you charge the shot, the more power it does and the more of the bar it drains).  Maybe a bit easy for experts, but I think it manages to be quite difficult without being frustrating. 


I prefer side scrolling shooters tbh...........
and Einhander on the ps1 is one of my favs!!!
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Super Earth Defense Force for SNES is one of my personal favorites, and seems to be relatively unknown.
It's a horizontal scroller with a level system in place of power ups much like Radiant Silvergun.
I highly recommend it.


M.U.S.H.A. (Genesis)

One of the best Genesis games period.

Video of the Japanese version:



Raptor on the PC was great, and very underrated.
Raiden on the Jaguar
1942/1943 on the NES/Famicom
Ikaruga on the Dreamcast


Gradius V on the PS2 is absolutely gorgeous. It feels like an arcade game that never was. The graphics will melt your eyes, the music is really thumping and best of all it's superbly designed. It's not punishingly difficult but it is great, hectic fun. It's just about the most exciting game I think I've ever played on a home console.


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Gun Nac for the NES
Ikaruga for the Gamecube
Gaiares for the Genesis

And I forgot Flying Hero for the Super Famicom. That game is eff ewe en!
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