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Something that annoys you

Started by ericj, June 06, 2008, 05:22:35 pm

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Now I'm even more confused! ???

I thought, for some reason, someone at your apartment complex orders food from next door and the scooter comes in and parks wherever they want for a brief amount of time, not there's no parking next door so someone parks their scooter at your apartment complex for extended lengths of time!

If it's blocking the entryway, why are you the only one complaining? Is it because it's Sunday? Are you the only one being inconvenienced?

Also, which owner are you talking to? Owner of the restaurant or owner of your apartment?

By the way, smokers who discard their cigarette butts on the ground doesn't make much sense unless you hate people and the environment or something... but smokers in the military who did this on base makes no sense whatsoever considering the fact that we have to field day our area every week! So they would have to pick them up anyway, but they still did it! Fucking pendejos, I swear!


I have no idea how the other people feel about the parking. I guess they just deal with it, probably never having experienced anything else in their lives.

I spoke with the owner of the shop about the situation.

I don't smoke, so I don't particularly enjoy cigarettes butts on the ground. Moreso, though, I just don't want the area where I'm living looking like a dump. It's odd that there's room for parking at the shop, and also this guy never throws cigs at his restaurant. He doesn't want his area looking like a dump either, obviously
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I'm still curious how the situation is with your scooter parking, fcgamer. I hope it's not going on 2 years later! :o

As for something that annoys me: I don't understand why, well after several years into the 21st century, products still use faulty rubber buttons like the FC/NES Start/Select that wear out.


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The switches in my mouse are going bad, so it keeps on double-clicking when I single-click, or lets off of the mouse button when I try to click and drag >:(

I bought replacement switches for it for like $10 and I'm gonna try to fix it myself.  Shaky hands and a soldering iron -- good times ahead!

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Sounds worse than my right mouse button and left arrow key sometimes not registering.

While I was working on my game, I'd press left and the player wouldn't move, so I thought the issue was my code. Nope. Keyboard button is all worn out. I already cleaned it. The down key is also wearing out. :gamer:


Reminds me that my SNES mouse buttons doesn't work. I searched the internet for a solution a decade ago or so, but I wasn't able to find a solution back then. Technical information about these things are much more common on the internet nowadays however so maybe I could fix it some day.

I do have the SFC mouse as well though so I'm not mouse-less at least.


When I forget to order my daily premium restaurant on time the evening, so too late to order, and I must order cheap food as burger who delivered later the evening


Quote from: UglyJoe on August 25, 2022, 08:18:06 pmThe switches in my mouse are going bad, so it keeps on double-clicking when I single-click, or lets off of the mouse button when I try to click and drag >:(

I bought replacement switches for it for like $10 and I'm gonna try to fix it myself.  Shaky hands and a soldering iron -- good times ahead!

Update: It works! My mouse works again!

Another annoying thing, though, was that I bought a flux pen to help me clean up some annoying solder that didn't want to come off cleanly, but the stupid $16 pen was dried up and useless.  I should have just bought flux gel that comes in a tiny toxic jar.

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Somehow I ended up ordering a Super EverDrive X5 instead of a Mega EverDrive X5. :upsetroll:

I think what happened was I was deciding between the different Mega EverDrives and when I finally committed to one, I had to go back to the products pages and select the different one, and because nothing is in particular order here, when I finally stumbled upon EverDrive X5, I thought that was it and ordered it without realizing it was the wrong one.

Somehow I overlooked the pictures. I know that both had red/normal cart variants. If I could make this mistake, they should really change their naming conventions or better organize their catalog.

For what it's worth, I already have a Super EverDrive: Which one's better? ???

I already received a tracking number, but nothing shows up in the system, so I'm hoping it hasn't physically been sent out yet. :-\

If it has, does anyone want an EverDrive? $60? :P

By the way, I didn't know Krikzz was located in the Ukraine. :o I'll be fine.

Before anyone says anything, I checked the order confirmation and my browsing history and both indicate that I ordered the wrong thing. It was my fault, not them. :(


Maybe you could ask them to refund it and trade for the Mega Drive one if you pay the shipping?

The X5 doesn't seem to really improve much. If your old V2 has the DSP-module (to play some games like Pilotwings and Super Mario Kart) and/or USB-module (not sure how to use) it's possibly better than the X5 which seems to be missing both. The X5 supports a bit larger ROMs and maybe larger save files, but not by much and I don't think there are any games that large anyway except for some hacks. Some hacks are so large that they require the SD2SNES though, which supports even larger ROMs.

I don't need a Super Everdrive since I have the SD2SNES which seems superior in every way (except the price).

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The SD2SNES is what I was eventually planning to replace the Super EverDrive v2 with. My main concern is the power draw. I read on Nintendo Life that certain flash drives can shorten the life of the console. Not sure how true this is. The comments section is solely focused on the ethics of using ROMs.

Anyway, I've yet to receive a reply, which is understandable given the situation. I'd gladly accept switching out the SNES EverDrive with a Genesis one, seeing as they're the same price and probably similar in weight (I don't think I'd be able to add an item to the parcel which probably has already been paid for).

Edit: I checked the tracking again, and it looks like it has been processed already.

To add to the things that annoy me... I checked eBay to see what's there and I only see the Mega EverDrive X3 and X7.


It is true although it doesn't have to do with power draw (which is indeed higher on flashcarts compared to normal game cartridges). The concern is that basically all modern flashcarts and many modern bootleg cartridges are using 3.3 V parts while basically all classic consoles are expecting 5 V signals in the cartridge port. For example an SD-card is a 3.3 V device so the SD-module is a 3.3 V part, and several modern PROM and RAM chips are 3.3 V too (many old 5 V parts are getting more expensive and harder to find). The cartridge must use voltage translation circuitry on ALL lines between the console and the cartridge to avoid damaging both the console and the cartridge. Many modern bootleggers and some flashcart makers are simply too cheap to do this correctly, and produces potentially dangerous cartridges.
Note that the Nintendo 64 and GBA in GBA mode are both 3.3 V consoles and don't need any translation (unless the cartridge uses 5 V logic of course). Newer consoles than those are also typically using 3.3 V. GBA in GBC mode is 5 V however.

I think all the modern Everdrives translates the voltage correctly now, but there are a few older Everdrives (but not all of them) that didn't. Some modern bootlegs were much worse than the Everdrives though. I've even seen a few very cheap bootlegs that doesn't even have any voltage regulation for the power source of its own 3.3 V parts which means it will most likely break after some use.
Pretty much all 8-bit Game Boy flashcarts I've seen except the GB Everdrives are also unsafe, including the super-cheap Hong Kong flashcart usually called "GB EMS USB 64M Smart Card". Avoid!

I'm not sure about Super Everdrive V2, but all the Famicom and Game Boy Everdrives should be safe to use, including the older ones. The SD2SNES is said to be a prime-example on how to properly design a flashcart so it's also safe.

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Oh, then maybe I should just sell my Super v2 then and keep the X5? At least until I get the SD2SNES.

How do all the Mega EverDrives fare? Do you know?


Older Mega Everdrives are bad and was part of that scandal some years ago when the whole voltage translation problem was bought up to the public, but the two latest ones are supposedly safe (the X5 and the Pro). The X7 is older than the X5 and is apparently considered only semi-safe since it's missing some of the voltage translation parts, so it's probably better to get the Pro which can do everything the X7 can anyway. The Pro can also apparently emulate the Mega CD so that it can run CD-images and also work like a Mega CD RAM cartridge (for both a real Mega CD and the emulated one).

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??? The X7 is older than the X5?

I was under the assumption that the more advanced ones with savestates and suspend-game menus drew more energy and were potentially unsafe. Which is why I didn't want the X7. Funny how I could be wrong and right. :crazy:

Also, lucky me. Look what showed up. I don't like the Stoned Age Gamer shell, but snoozers be losers, not choosers... or something.

Edit: My Super EverDrive has DSP-1, and there aren't really any games that I want to play that use it (besides Suzuka 8 Hours). I could probably get more if I sell this one.