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Something that annoys you

Started by ericj, June 06, 2008, 05:22:35 pm

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My office just updated its internet filter and blocked most of the sites I visit at work, including FW.


That sucks!  >:(

I'm waiting for my company to do the same thing. Last update they did blocked the Google "cached" pages that I used when the regular site was blocked. But they also unblocked time-wasting social networking sites, like Facebook, MySpace (who the hell uses it anymore?), LinkedIn, etc.


When people start typing in Cap on ebay & on Buying & Selling Forums...

It's like they want you to not miss there sale


Quote from: MarioMania on July 20, 2010, 10:52:56 pmIt's like they want you to not miss there sale
...That's exactly why they do that.
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When people never mark products I buy on ebay as "Shipped"

It leaves me hanging.
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Fake zero feedback bidders on eBay. One of these bitches just bought a Blackberry I had listed.  >:(


People who live in the East Bay but are still Giants fans.  DOESNT MAKE SENSE.
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When foolishly foolish fools repeatedly rape words, start a sentence with the word when, & abnormally abuse alliteration.


leaving my crap places...it annoys the shit outta me -.-


Political ads. Whem it involves mayors or Governers, the ads are always cliche and have been done before. Talking to old people, full of puns, holding babies. For example I got a call today. It was a recording. It went like this:

Kid1: Hello, our dad is running for Governer
Kid2: He's really conservative, especially with our money.
Kid1: He hugs and kisses us like we are still babies.

By then I hung up, but do you see what I mean?


Morons maniacally posting moronic content. You know who you are, you little punk bitches.  ;)


People bitching about the "Ground Zero Mosque", which is neither at ground zero nor a mosque.


Ignorance and any kind of prejudice.