List of Controller II microphone games

Started by JC, July 03, 2008, 11:25:17 pm

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It's in the first post (Takeshi no Chousenjou) ;)


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Nintendo VS System
The arcade system series based on Famicom/NES doesn't have a microphone but the same input port that the Famicom is using for the microphone ($4016 bit 2) is used for the Service Button on the VS System. The Service Button is normally used by arcade games to insert coins without incrementing the coin counter, so that the game can be easily tested by a repairman without affecting the bookkeeping information.

This means that you can insert coins in many VS System games, if you play them on a Famicom, simply by blowing into the microphone. I tested this with the Everdrive and it worked with several games, but not all games seems to use this button. The wrong palette makes VS games not really playable on a Famicom, but it's still pretty cool.