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DIY LCD Projector!

Started by 133MHz, July 27, 2008, 06:11:37 pm

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Aw, man!

Please visit me and build me one, too.  ;D



WOW!  :o

That's just about the coolest thing I've ever seen.


If you don't want to tear a monitor apart, you can buy a projection panel (an small lcd screen designed specifically for computer projection using an OHP), a got one on ebay a couple of years ago and it works just fine, and is usually cheaper. Mine is a 640x480 lcd, quite blurry because of slow response time, but still TFT (so, not passive); not perfect but still very good for the price (I finished Fear and the HL2 episodes with this thing). They're quite old so probably the higher resolution you can find in one of these is 1024x768, and you have to be careful to choose one with enough color depth, and hopefully composite and/or s-video input.

A video of it (watch in high quality):

Who said the Eee has a small screen?  ;D


I remember one of those from my school's computer lab in the early 90s. It was connected to the teacher's PC and had a video pass-through for a CRT monitor. The quality sucked hard (color LCD display technology being too young?) and I've never seen one of those since then. But if you can get one, then go for it!


We have the same laptop, Walky! :0
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