Want to know how to dump and write FDS disks?

Started by JC, August 18, 2008, 09:47:11 pm

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i am to noob for bits & pieces i need a full tutorial  ;)


I've been sort of AFK for... a year or whatever. ;D

Anyway, I did help pay to have equipment sent out to 133MHz for the FDS disk dumping/writing project. Where exactly can I find the full results of that? It's something I'd like to see.



hi all.

is there alot of people who don't know how to dump/ re-write fds disk?

first there are many different ways to dump/re-write fds disk, just depends on what way you like or prefer. i use fdsloadr to dump and re-write my fds disk using my fully moded 7201 drive.sometimes i use other methods though.  i wrote a tutorial in .pdf format for dumping disk using fdsloadr with pictures (just hope it helps ). look for it under famicom disk system. currently writing other tutorials on re-writing disk using turbo game doctor, and one using fdsloadr/7201 drive. will also include a tut on how to write an image to disk using pc-ram adaptor cable (like tototek sells) check out the tut, and let me know if it helped.


keep eye out for the other tutorials!