Rockman Summer Festival Pics

Started by corisco, October 03, 2008, 08:25:43 am

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I know, it's old, but here is the Famicom World, nothing can be old here :)
I've been working hard a lot, but finally I got time to sit in front this old computer and dedicate some time to the gamming again.
Hope you enjoy it ;)

Corisco, the foreigner

Ishihara Yuuji...(the Rockman Ryuusei designer)

and his the signature

The goodies that I bought from the event


turbo D

These pics are super cool, thanks for sharing them!  :D
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This makes my eyes tear up. Beautiful pics man just beautiful. Can you give some info on what was at the event, what you saw, what you bought etc? I'd like to see more pics of your goodies in particular.





WOw so awesome. My brother is a Rockman fan he would have loved to gone to this festival.
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