Last Movie/Show You Saw?

Started by Doc, July 29, 2006, 11:13:57 pm

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Last Saturday, I watched Gojira (1954). It was the anniversary of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki, so it seemed timely. It's a much more interesting film than the campy ones that the franchise spawned after that.
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I was binge watching The Walking Dead over the last 2 weeks.
Finally got to season 4.


I'm hoping Walking Dead Season 4 finally comes to netflix or something.
I have both Amazon Prime and Netflix, so I don't want to pay for more services.  I can wait, but Season 4 has been done for a while now if I'm not mistaken. Maybe will be a Halloween treat.

Last night, I watched an episode of Star Trek.  Somehow my girlfriend has gained interest in it, so we watch it together.

I find it so weird that she'd happily watch Star Trek, but she can't sit through a Twilight Zone, Sliders, X-files, or any other of 'my shows'. Actively dislikes them, it seems.
I'd think Twilight Zone would have much more universal appeal than the OG Star Trek.


I bingewatched downton abbey on monday. Such a bad move because now I have to wait til next year for more episodes! >:( Watched some of star trek next gen too last night :D
Tappybot I'm not big on most of "your shows" but Star trek is the best


Rocky IV.
Needed my dose of cheesy 80s action.


Ghostbusters! They're showing it in theaters again for its 30th anniversary. Great, great movie.


Planes, Trains & Automobiles

An 80s comedy I somehow have missed all the years.


I haven`t watched it yet, but a friend brought back from the US as a gift for me the most amazing DVD ever: Samurai Cop!

Possibly the best awful movie ever made.  I have been looking forward to it for a long time.  ;D


New season of Survivor, first episode... it's kinda lame.


Haha you lurrve Survivor I see from your avatars :)
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Yes!  :)

Wow did anyone watched new episode (2nd) of season 29, it's so awesome! when that guy bled from the nose and then mom smashed lip of her daughter :o

Shumi Nagaremono

The wife and I just watched Horns.  *I* freakin' loved it.  But it's really weird hearing an American accent coming out of Harry Potter. ;)


I tried to binge-watch Fringe. Was totally bearable for two seasons. Halfway through the third season, both the wife and I found it to be completely unwatchable. Forced our way to the end of season 3, then googled to see if it got better. Consensus generally is that it didn't, so deleted the rest.


I didn't but planning to watch new Asterix cartoon. It's coming soon to every cinema ! !


I just watched It's Such a Beautiful Day. If you have Netflix, you should definitely give it a watch. It's only an hour long and it's one of the saddest animated films I've ever seen (and by animated I mean stick figures), and dammit it's great.
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