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Started by Doc, July 29, 2006, 11:13:57 pm

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Fist Of The North Star anime.

Jedi Master Baiter

I finally got around to seeing Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (also have only seen it once in theaters), and here's my consensus:

The Good:
even less Jar Jar
• awesome action sequences
• Nute Gunray gets killed (seriously, how is he not dead already?!)

The Bad:
• less Christopher Lee :(
• what the hell happened to Padme's character?!
• Obi Wan's hair/beard make him look like Al Borland
• the plot feels forced
• Hayden Christensen's acting still sucks

For some reason, I was less thrilled going into this than I was with the previous two Star Wars (both when watching it in theaters and now, rewatching them on DVD), and I now know why: read everything I said about Episode II. It was the first Star Wars movie I saw that didn't feel Star Warsy. Now the magic is gone. My expectations have shifted. It feels like just another action movie.

Now let's start from the top: War!

Who the hell wrote this? I always expected English major expertise when seeing the intro text crawl. What is this? Sparta?!

And who the hell is Grievous? Was that Count Dooku's Sith name? (I seriously couldn't remember back in 2002.) I didn't watch Clone Wars. I didn't know that was a prerequisite.

I maybe alone in this, but the entire CGI space fight at the beginning could've just been cut and we could've started with Obi Wan and Anakin entering the hostage chamber.

I've said this once, and I will say it again: only Darth Maul (and maybe the Padawans) made it cool doing flips. With Count Dooku it looks lame. He should've just floated down like Darth Vader does when falling.

I've come to hate the way General Grievous (and most villains) ham up their speech/mannerisms. And why is this guy always running? He arrives by ship on Utapau which takes God knows how long, and he immediately runs to talk to Darth Sidious. He saved, what? One minute?

But I have to admit, that multiple-wielding lightsabers thing was cool. Too bad he didn't do anything with it.

I found Palpatine's approach at gaining Anakin's trust pretty stupid: "Hey kid, wanna know about the dark side?" And Mace Windu's approach even stupider: "Stay here, kid. Daddy will take care of this without the need of Yoda."

And thus, this little scuffle leaves Sidious scarred for the rest of his long dictatorship. Or was he always like this? I don't care.

Rise Lord Vader. Where the hell did this name come from? What does it mean? Invader? Can we get a little background?

And suddenly Anakin is loyal to the Sith forever until Episode VI? Couldn't we have shortened some of the long-drawn out action sequences and focused on character development? Anakin's transformation was too sudden and not believable. Padme is reduced to a fragile damsel who needs saving and doesn't question anything when Anakin tells her the bad news of the Jedi and he must go kill some separatist douchebags (which some of them are honestly).

And then Palpatine enacts order 69 and kills my favorite Jedi, Ki-Adi-Mundi, who seemed more nobler than Yoda himself. Quick rant here: the Jedi suck. Their powers are obscured by the Sith, they can't get their boy, Anakin to trust them. They even talk shit behind his back: "Maybe the prophecy was bullshit!" <-- Mace Windu's exact lines verbatim. They indoctrinate children when they're too young to think for themselves.

If you ask me, the entire Mufasa Mustafar fight takes too long and ends too quickly. The Yoda and Sidious fight was made stupid because Sidious flips like a stupid idiot and they both use lightsabers. WHY DOES EVERYONE NEED TO USE LIGHTSABERS?

TLDR: I didn't like this movie like everyone else. I couldn't relate to the characters, and the plot felt like it was trying to connect a copper pipe to a USB port.


Heh, Vader is used in several Space Invader clones, like TV Vader and Battle Vader.

Anyway you pretty much sums up my own thoughts about the movie. Forced plot, too much insignificant action scenes (much like Jackson's Lord of the Rings films) and un unconvincing transformation to a Darth. It's more like a dumb action movie with a space theme, rather than a classic space opera.

The old movies hinted that Dart Vader had a dark and mysterious past which led him to be seduced by the dark side and made him to what he is today. Now when we finally get to see this dark past it appears that he was just a whiny little boy that had a little rough upbringing (but not really any different from many other characters, like Han Solo). So he really just had a very weak resolve? Really? That's not what it looked like initially in Epidosde I, and that's not it with Vader later either.
I can buy that Palpatine's rhetoric is simple because the persuasion is probably more about feelings than about logic, but he is still really just a whiny kid, not even convincingly mentally ill or anything.

BTW the scanning and cleaning of the last of the three old 35 mm films is almost done (project 4K77, 4K80 and 4K83). Only 4K80 (episode 5) is left. I for one am gonna watch these upscaled originals (with no DNR) sometime when they are done. It was a very long time ago I even saw the pre-Trilogy versions at all, and these are the original theater versions without Lucas Arts' filtering them for "modern" eyes.

Random useless trivia: In Swedish Star Wars is translated to "Stjärnornas Krig" which means "The War of the Stars" (a nod to The War of the Worlds). Also those black and white dots on a CRT TV when no channel is tuned in (TV static noise) is jokingly called "Myrornas Krig" which means "The War of the Ants". ;D


I've always found it odd that so many people think Anakin turns at the drop of a hat. Why don't they include him as a kid being fearful, then losing his mom leading to his fear of losing Padme which he wants to become powerful to stop, Palpatine acts as his other mentor only he gives him much more of what he wants to hear over the jedi who mostly warn and scold him. He didn't want to cut Windus hand off but at that point he had to choose Palpatine over Windu, then it was too late to turn back so he went all in. I think it's fine?

Jedi Master Baiter

Going from being overprotective of Padme to killing a bunch of innocent children is a pretty big turn.

At least when he killed the Tuskens it was out of hate in the spur of the moment for what happened to his mother.

With the younglings, it was because Darth Mentor told him to. All we see from Anakin is distrust in the higher ranks.

I just can't get immersed in this character. I could understand Anakin going out and killing the separatists, because it would end the war once and for all.

They should have just had the kids killed off some other way: clone troopers? Darth Sidious himself? The writers even had to nerf Padme so Anakin could go to Mustafar. The Padme in Episodes I & II would have questioned his actions at that point. And perhaps not be so surprised that her fellow Nabooian who dismantled a Republic isn't such a good guy after all when Obi Wan tells her.


I haven't rewatched Ep. 3 since I saw it at a midnight screening opening night.  At the time, I really didn't like it.  My biggest gripe with the prequel trilogy was (and still is) that there just wasn't enough actual space combat in STAR Wars.  The Battle over Coruscant started quite nicely, but we quickly lost that to the Jedi rescue mission.  I look at ANH and ROTJ as doing it right, where there were cuts to the bigger battle interspersed with the close-ups and human moments. 

In the years since, as The Clone Wars has come out and they've filled in a lot of detail about Anakin's fall, I figure I'll appreciate it a lot more when I eventually get around to a rewatch.  It's just too bad the Clone Wars series came AFTER the films.  As an independent trilogy, it still gets a big "meh" from me. 

Also, The Phantom Menace is my favorite of the three.  :P


Barely watch any movies or shows, but there's one in particular that currently has me hooked.

Oddtaxi is a weird anime; with anthropomorphic animals, mystery, charming scenes, crime solving, and amazing dialogue, it manages to be one of the most entertaining shows I've ever watched. Some of you might cherish anime in general a whole lot more than I, so perhaps you have more interesting things to say about it than me, but if you haven't watched it, please do! You won't regret it. ;)


Just started the Guyver series again. Up to the third volume.



The end of Evangelion
It was amazing!
Anyone remember the name of that weird Japanese NES?


Demon City Shinjuku is the last show I've seen. I've just acquired Detonator Orgun and it'll be my next.