FS: Unofficial Chinese Super Mario Bros. 3 FC Guide + SNES SMW hack

Started by DDCecil, January 06, 2009, 05:46:32 pm

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All gone. Thanks!


I'm interested, especially the hack cart - can you please post a link to your youtube vids?
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I hack SMW too. I could possebly help with those non-working exits ;)
PM me if you want help.


-FC Want List-
1. Super mario world pirate (full)
2. lol idk

other wants
1. New computer


Oh, BTW, is the SMW hack cart Amarican, Japanesse or Eroupean?


The cart is the American version. I had another made for me that has everything fixed (which I'm keeping). Unfortunately the guy who made it doesn't make these anymore, so if someone wants to buy this and update the Board with the perfect version, you can get the .ips patch here:

Here's a video showing a bit of the first 2 levels:

(At :34, every time you enter a level, there's a chance of the game letting out a flash of a random color. For some reason, this can't be fixed)


I just played your hack, then took a look on it in Lunar Magic. It looks out-standing, it dosen't have ExGFX, but the custom palletes and level design is awesome! :)

Now, can you tell me wich exits dosen't work right?


On the one you downloaded, all the exits are fine (since I updated them). On the Cart version though, the exits that don't work are on Holes O' Plenty (Vanilla Secret 1 - Keyhole doesn't work - I do have a way of beating the level though) and Little Star (Star Road 2 - Banzai Bill doesn't appear - You just need to fly back and forth on small platforms to reach the keyhole)