Super Mario 3........Special? (HKO)

Started by Paul-FC, November 18, 2008, 06:47:02 pm

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Quote from: UglyJoe on December 03, 2008, 07:12:16 pm
Just saw your newest Youtube.  I see what you mean about the crazy Paragoomba.  I tried it in Mednafen, BGB, and NO$GBM and couldn't recreate it.  What emulator are you using?



hey uglyjoe
can you take a crack at this one?
its called donkey kong 5
but when you start it up it just shows a black screen and if you press a button it flashes white for a sec

this is what it is supposed to look like...


pokemon pinball music  :o

anyways can you take a shot at it?


I'll take a look at it next week, but don't expect too much.  If it's using a pirate mapper (and it probably is), then there isn't an emulator out there that will be able to run it.  It would have to be hacked to use a more common mapper instead.  That's what Brian did with SM3S.  All I did was combine the two rom dumps that were floating around on the internet so that they made a single valid rom dump.



Thank you very  much for making such an excellent patch!  Anyways, I hope more patches could be made for ROM's of other games.

I would like to see a patch made for Rockman 8- so that it could be played on more emulators (especially LJP for Palm PDA's.)  If you are able to make a Rockman 8 patch, it would also be great if somebody could hack the music so that it could have the soundtrack from any of the following games: "Katamari Damacy", "Legend of Zelda", "Halo", or "Resident Evil!" 

I apologise if this post offended anybody.  I just want to see more patches available for games that are unplayable on the emulators that run on mobile phones.


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I don't intend on patching any more games.  This was a one-time thing.

Also, if the game works on some PC emulators, but fails to run on your mobile phone emulator, then that is a shortcoming of the emulator.  The proper solution is to ask the developer to support the pirate mapper that the game is using.


Why would you want that horrible Donkey Kong 5 pirate that appears to use the same levels from Super Mario Bros?

Why would anyone want to own those crappy pirates SMW and Somari? Because they are cool?


It's like Big Rigs, it's so terrible that it's AWESOME!
I'd kill for a CIB copy of that game like PatMan33's



Well poor quality is to be expected with games like these. It comes with the territory so to speak. I happen to like pirates due to their obscurity.