I wish people would make more patches and more hacks of games!

Started by pauline, January 14, 2009, 12:03:43 am

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I wish people would make more patches and hacks for games.  I prefer hacks, homebrew, and pirate games over the original games!

I would like to see people make patches/hacks for the following games:

1) Rockman 8 (GB original):  I would like to see a patch that would enable Rockman 8 to be played on LJP(palm os) emulator.  If possible could somebody also hack the soundtrack into playing the themes from any of the following games: "Katamari Damacy", "Resident Evil", "Halo", "Legend of Zelda", "Super Mario World", or the movie soundtrack to the original "Star Wars" movie (episode with the death star.)

2) Super Metroid SNES: Nude hack of Samus with green hair!

3) Super Boy 4- SMS: make the main sprite to look like Wario or Luigi.  (yeah, I know somebody else already brought  that issue up, i am not trying to steal credit or ideas- I just totally agree and want to see the patch made already!)

I apologise if this post offends anybody.  I just feel that some games could be better with patches...


Have a look at the forums on NESWorld.com. There might be something hidden away or even someone to help. Once you have a hacked game its just a matter of getting it added to a cartridge and theres plenty of places that can help with that part like Gamereproductions.com
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The thing is, there's no way you could get megaman 8 to run on snes let alone famicom or GB - it couldn't be done unless it was a really poor hack that only slightly resembled the original game, it wouldn't retain what made it fun, then of course there's the anime cut scenes haha!

[ EDIT ] - I see you're talking about the Rockman 8 pirate cart, I should have realised.  Does it not run on a gameboy emulator for the palm, then? 

The Snes super metroid thing could be done though, as it's just a simple graphics hack (similar to the actual mode in the original metroid).
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