FS: Dreamcast and Saturn

Started by 2A03, January 19, 2009, 10:54:28 am

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Well, I've made the hard decision to sell off my Sega Saturn and Dreamcast after owning both for a year. I need more space in my collection, plus I need more money so that I can buy games for my new MSX and boxes/manuals for my NES games. That, and I never really played either system all that much to begin with. Here's what you get:

Sega Saturn system w/AV and power cables (model 1)
Saturn controller (the later model)
Action Replay 4M Plus (with manual)
Daytona USA (Not for Resale version)
Rockman X3 (CIB, instructions in rough shape)

Dreamcast system w/AV and power cables (CIB)
2 Dreamcast controllers (both white)
Performance 4X Memory Card
VMU (red)
Atari Anniversary Edition (CIB)
Crazy Taxi (CIB, Sega All-Stars version)
Sonic Adventure (CIB, Sega All-Stars version, game does not load past Tails' Workshop)
Soul Caliber (CIB, does not load)
Virtua Tennis (CIB)

I'm really not sure what to ask for these, so PM me with an offer.