The inventor of the Famicom just passed away

Started by senseiman, December 09, 2021, 11:06:05 pm

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Masayuki Uemura, the lead architect in the development of the Famicom (and the SFC) console died yesterday.  Sad to see him go.

Jedi Master Baiter

First Koichi Sugiyama, now this. :'( Why do the best people always die?


Oh no, Sugiyama too!? I had somehow missed that!
Rest in peace Sugiyama and Uemura.


He must've lived such an amazing life filled with memories and feelings of great success. I always dreamed of being able to sit down with people like this and to hear their stories of what it was like to be on the bleeding edge of saving an entire industry and seeing it all unfold.

Let alone, he taught in a University, the stories he must have told.