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Started by Doc, July 29, 2006, 11:15:14 pm

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Trium Shockwave

Much, much better. She insisted upon writing everything herself this time. It's not as experimental as her Japanese stuff sometimes is, but in exchange it's very accessible. I think this is exactly what she needed to release in the US, an album that anyone can get into. She can start being experimental again later. Exodus was trying to be unique, but it was just weird, and it didn't really sound like Utada. Here's a link to the PV for "Come Back to Me"



Kelly Clarkson - All I Ever Wanted




System of a Down- American Dream Denial
I like to glitch old VHS tapes and turn them into visuals for live music events. Check out what I'm working on - www.instagram.com/tylerisneat


Oh noes! Hokuto no Ken!! Great show btw. Japanimation... that is a term I have not heard in a while. Not since about 1994. You've been into the cartoon hobby a while I am guessing.  ;D Good times of course.

I've been digging into a lot of the music I used to listen to around the age of 17 or so. Maybe it's just me being angry... but I have been throwing in old Black Flag, Weirdos, Germs, Sex Pistols, Social Distortion.... old punk rock... good times. Just takes me back a ways. I never identified too closely with the newer punk rock, and not really at all with what passes for "hardcore" these days. About the only exceptions to this are Blitzkid, and the "resurrection era" Misfits, as well as Graves' solo stuff.

A little bit of rockabilly and psychobilly has been tossed through the player recently. Not as much as I normally would listen to.

Of course, I often listen to a lot of metal. Black metal more specifically. Gritty, and raw... fast... sometimes melodic. It's not for everyone though.

I am a bit of a music junkie, and listen to a TON of different genres and artists. I could prattle on and on about music... almost as much as I can about video games, guns, historical fencing, or motorcycles.


Black metal ftw! I'm actually listening to Fullmoon - The Wolfish Initiation right now.



Man, there are MANY kick ass black metal groups out there.
Depending on your tastes, there are more than a few recommendations that I could make.
Satanic Warmaster is pretty brute. I have one of their older demos, and while it only has three songs on it... they are three killer tracks.
Sin Origin is a good US band, and I am pretty sure they derived their name from the Darkthrone song of the same name. They have 3 albums that I know of... a split release with Velonnic Sin (also a good band), a lengthy demo, and a full length debut... At the Cemetery Gates, Night Aeternal, In the Presence of a Dread Magician are the titles, respectively. Tenebrous is a pretty interesting US band, though I think that they may be offensive, depending on your disposition.  If you like hard hitting, yet melodic metal Hellveto is pretty awesome for a one man show... Klatma being the album name on that one. Sykdom is good viking inspired metal... .I could go on and on.... really.  


Satanic Warmaster is fun stuff. I'm mostly into the thrashy black metal bands and the progressive ones. I love:
Aura Noir
Deathspell Omega
Vlad Tepes


Aura Noir is pretty cool...
if you like the newer Mayhem stuff, I am not surprised that you like them. Blasphemer friggin' shreds on guitar. I think he gets a lot of hate because he's NOT Euronymous. I find that funny, because, ya know, he's dead and all that... in fact, same goes for Maniac and Atilla... gee... they aren't Dead, but Dead is dead... so we're gonna try and pull the elitist card. Dead WAS a killer metal vocalist though... I have several bootlegs from when he was still alive and singing with Mayhem... powerful, very gritty... if he coulda sang on De Mysterii dom Sathanas... yeah, it would have rocked even more. I have the Freezing Moon, and Funeral Fog, and Carnage studio tracks, and they were very good... the guitar work wasn't as polished as on the actual release, but still pretty amazing.

Deathspell Omega is one band I have been wanting to check out for a while. Haven't gotten around to picking anything up from them yet.
I am sure you know about this site, but just in the off chance you don't... .www.blackmetal.com is a good source for all sorts of stuff, decent prices... never been let down by them once... and they push some pretty good bands on their own label too. I mean, you can't just walk into your local Warehouse, or FYE or Sam Goody or where ever you want to go to get your serious metal fix, ya know?


I love everything Mayhem did through Wolf's Lair Abyss, they're newer stuff is really hit or miss. Ordo Ad Chao was interesting though. Mayhem in 1990 was the best black metal band ever IMO, Live in Leipzig, Dawn Of The Black Hearts, and Live In Zeitz are just so raw and powerful.

You should look into Kenose and Si Momumentum Requires Circumspice, the best Deathspell Omega albums. If you're into the French style black metal like Blut Aus Nord you'll enjoy these.


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