What are you listening to now?

Started by Doc, July 29, 2006, 11:15:14 pm

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Famicom Disk System: The More You Play It, the More You'll Want to Play


Electric Wizard - Funeralopolis

Dat fuzzy stoner doom  8)


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Agent X

Quote from: nintendodork on August 29, 2012, 01:17:33 pm
Welcome back Agent X! Where have you been!?

I'm currently listening to a demo track created by the guy who makes the "High 5 Toons" series on Youtube. The song I'm listening to can be heard in his video called "Pikachu on Acid" http://youtu.be/X5Izm1LQfw4

Just been busy living life is all.  Went through a divorce, then spent all of 2011 living 12 years worth of living in 1 year.  *LOL*  Now I'm hooked up with a gorgeous/sexually righteous "Cougar" (she's 45 to my 34) and remembering what it's like to be "a boyfriend" after 13 years.  Can't complain really.  Recently sold off my NEC PCE Super Grafx system with Super CD-ROM + 30 games and my entire Super Famicom collection and kept only my AV FAMICOM, SEGA Mega Drive and Atari 7800/2600.  Down to "The basics" and that's about it. 

That said, it's good to be back.  Glad to know Famicom World is still here.  :bub:
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Quote from: Agent X on September 13, 2012, 10:41:20 am
spent all of 2011 living 12 years worth of living in 1 year.
That's the way to do it. :)

Eric B./Rakim- Don't Sweat the Technique
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Listening to Christin Stürmer, Revolverheld, Ledbetter Heights, Will Knox.  All excellent...
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Algo Fonix


Kansas - Song For America

Saw them last night, and holy shit those old guys still got it!


Still now i am listening a good rock song.


A remix of the Chai Kingdom theme from Super Mario Land. Probably my favourite Mario song ever, so this remix was nice for me.

So ends another chapter in the glorious legend of the Ninja... Until next time...


Dream Theater - Ytse Jam

On vinyl, oh yes oh yes! 


Megadeth - In My Darkest Hour

Can you believe that these people who watch the video on YouTube don't know where that video came from? Honestly, if you're a fan of Megadeth, Kiss, Ozzy, or Motörhead, you should already know....
Famicom Disk System: The More You Play It, the More You'll Want to Play


^And that other band that burned the Soviet flag on stage haha  ;D

Queensyrche - Take Hold Of The Flame