The Memorial Thread (of those who have passed on.)

Started by Doc, September 23, 2006, 11:21:13 am

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I just found out Franco Zefirelli died. Coincidentally, I just bought the Romeo & Juliet film soundtrack and am rewatching it.


Even though my ex and I aren't together anymore, I still cry over her dad's passing, and think of him all the time. Miss you Petaro man(peter)

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My Great Uncle died a few days back. Odd, it still feels he is here. Was always interested in games even if they where too complicated. Not bad for an 86 year old
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I didn't know Paul Walker was dead until about a year ago. I am a fan of Fast and Furious and all, but hey, I don't watch the American news, and it sure wasn't on the Korean one!
Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda. The NES and the Famicom themselves. These are well known after more than 30 years after their releases. I highly doubt that Fortnite, PUBG, or any other modern-day game will be as well known in 2050.


My little sister passed away over the weekend.  We were attached at the hip growing up, she was my only sibling.  Cancer took her way too soon.  This is far and away the most painful thing I've ever experienced.  If you have a sibling, appreciate them.  You think they are going to be there for the rest of your lives and can take them for granted, but when you lose them it just leaves this gaping hole in your life, like part of you died. 



Quote from: UglyJoe on October 07, 2019, 09:48:38 pm
Ugh, cancer sucks.  Sorry for your loss :'(

Thank you.  And yes, it really really does.



I am so, so, so sorry to hear that.  I can't imagine what you and family must be going through.  My heart goes out :(
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I'm also very sorry to hear that. I have siblings and I can't imagine loosing them.


Sorry to read that Sensei... my older sister also has cancer, but she's fighting, strong stubborn woman.
Take care man!


Thanks a lot guys, it means a lot.

MWK - I'm so sorry, I know exactly what its like.  I hope she'll beat it, not every story ends up like my sister's. In my sister's case she fought hard, but she had stage 4 metastatic cancer which is unfortunately uncurable.


Shimura Ken RIP

One of Japan's best comedians and my favourite along with the other members of The Drifters (a band and comedy group he debuted in). He was one of the people that was affected badly by the corona virus and got pneumonia. He passed away March 29. He was still an active comedian and was to appear in a movie and several TV programs, and was also scheduled to run with the Olympic torch.

He has many beloved characters he made including Hen na Ojisan (Strange Old Man) and Baka Tono (Silly Fedual Lord). The latter appeared in a limited edition version of Konami's Hyper Olympic (Genteiban) for the Famicom.

Shimura's humor is universal and generally doesn't require you to understand Japanese. Lots of his skits can be found on Youtube. Here is a classic skit that also Mr Bean made.