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Last thing you did

Started by nintendodork, March 01, 2009, 07:53:04 pm

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Plugged in the mechanical keyboard I got from my parents for Christmas and typed up this post.  It's a bit loud but it is pretty satisfying to type on.

(I know it's pretty nerdy but I've really been waiting to try this thing out since I got it three days ago...).


I just got up. Yeah, that's all I did today... so far :P
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Eating some Japanese snacks until I came upon this very unpleasant item:

Anyone know what it is? Threw it away, but kept the packaging. Smells like rotten fish ;D


Looks like a type of raisin or something, or that it's probably "dry plums" given the kanji inscribed. Yes, I can read Japanese well, haha ;P

For me, just working with the photos I've taken, while I was out locally today.
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last night got very drunk and lost my smartphone   :(

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found  ;D


Just filled out paperwork to have an involuntary psychiatric evaluation placed on my brother in law. He needs help and he is refusing to cooperate with medical professionals and police and is refusing to take his meds. It sounds bad, but I hope it's approved and we can get a warrant to have him apprehended for evaluation. 


I hope you get all that sorted. Must've been tough for you having to deal with this alone.

For me, I only just went to the local shops to get a few things that my mother had forgotten to get the other day. Nothing spectacular :P
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He was released from the hospital the other day. I'm not happy about it at all, but it's way too personal to talk about on public forum.


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I just had my first day back at my job since I went on sick leave. It was a long exhausting day and I fell asleep right when I got home. I guess everyone else did in the house as well, and at 815pm my wife woke me up in a panic thinking it was 815am and that we had slept through an alarm. I shot out of bed and messaged my work apologizing for being late (start at 700am) and quickly brushed my teeth and went to run out the door. Meanwhile my wife is in a panic because at the same time we think our son is now also late for school so she is quickly trying to get him ready and also pass me the credit card so I can buy myself lunch because there is no time to make one. Then my work messaged me not knowing what I was talking about and asking where I was going. At that moment it dawned on us that it was still the evening.

What a rush haha...


Doing myself a Japanese evening!
Any whisky sippers around?  ;)


Ahaha. No, I don't drink alcohol anymore, but I like the taste of 響 (Hibiki) whiskey from Suntory. Nikka pure malt is also very tasty, but overall I am not that much into Whisky to be honest. I used to drink a lot of Shochu but that's another story hahaha.  ;)


Just spend some time cleaning my old 1987 Chevrolet before start to play some Famicom game :)


That's a sweet car man   :pow:
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I always downshift near a hybrid, so they can hear me hurt the environment...

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Just made this:

By the way, didn't we used to have an image spam thread? ???