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20 Years of Nintendo Power

Started by Mindfreak, March 13, 2009, 09:56:52 pm

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Have you guys seen this ?

I just picked it up today!

it's got all these pictures from previous issues of Power...and articles on a LOT of games (there's 64 pages...imagine... ::)) From NES to Wii.... ;D

if you havent checked out yet, you should!  :P


May see if I can find one.  Better be good for $10.  NP certainly didn't cost that much back when I bought them :P (NES/SNES days).  I thought they stopped making Nintendo Power ages ago actually.

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I got it, and it's alright. They divide the chapters by console, but the info on games and Nintendo's history is pretty scant for somebody already knowledgeable of Nintendo's history. It is worth it for scans from the early issues though. Don't know if it's worth ten bucks.


I'd like to see pics of the NES era pages if anyone's got a copy and a good quality digital camera



Yeah, it looks like a pretty barebones coverage Nintendo Power anniversary tribute. For ten bucks, I could get a lot of a bunch of old 80's NP's on eBay.


I remember the 100th issue......when it was new


I have the 200th issue :D
My brother used to subscribe to NP when he was a kid, so I have quite a few of the early ones.
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