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Megaman Figures at CVS

Started by vealchop, October 30, 2006, 08:15:23 pm

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If anyone is interested, for some reason, CVS stores are carrying these KICKASS vinyl megaman figures for like 6 bucks each. You know how expensive some vinyl toys can get, so 6 bucks for each one is a steal. And if you get all 5, you can build the secret 6th "charged up" megaman! Check the toy section, they should have em there. I had to go to two seperate stores and undergo some very weird looks from the checkout people to get the whole set, but it was worth it!

Heres the toys:



awesome!!  something cool thats not from Japan!!!  Ahhhh now I feel like you guys, haha.  I wanna know how they chose which guys to make.  Who is the 6th??


anyone know where you can get these besides cvs?


I'm sure they'll be eBayed in no time. For now, we can enjoy finding something you can't... :P


I think you may be able to order some from their website:


The 6th "secret" character you get when you collect all six. Each figure comes with a different body part. They combine to form "charged" megaman, which is the same figure as MegaMan but a really cool metallic blue.

Here's a direct link to their store:


They're awesome man, pick em up!