Pirates/Repros for sale: Captain America & Hyper Iria

Started by Protoman, June 12, 2019, 06:32:04 am

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Both auctions just got shut down by swedish ebay so here I am.

Captain America and the Avengers for Famicom (real game only released in US/AU)
Hyper Iria (japanese-only rare-ish Super Famicom game) works also on american SNES because of those nifty slits on the back.

15$ each? Just so I can cover shipping more or less.


Sorry to hear this, and that's lame seeing all the other people that sell this stuff and worse on there. I guess you rarely sell on eBay? They tend to let the biggest offenders slide.
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When it comes to selling reproduction games on eBay I just label it as "custom" in the title and description, making it clear its not original but still notice I don't say the word reproduction either?  ;) eBay doesn't do anything to my listings when I do this. Example, "Earthbound Zero NES Custom Cartridge"

For pirate games on the Famicom I just put (for example) Super Mario 3 Famiclone Famicom Cart, then in the description I put that it's a "famiclone copy". You just gotta word it right & they'll leave you alone  :P

Regardless hope you still sell the games :) here or if you try eBay again.