FS: NESRGB modded AV Famicom with NES-IGR switchless

Started by prince tomato, May 27, 2019, 05:09:18 am

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prince tomato

hi folks,

i recently got a faulty NESRGB modded AV Famicom,
and after replacing almost everything except the NES-IGR board, she runs again.
i already have a pretty sweet setup for daily use,
so this one is for sale.

included in the lot is:
-console with NESRGB and NES-IGR mods, tiny power led next to power switch,

-1x Dogbone controller,

-dual cartslot converter with exp.audio support for NES Powerpak and N8 Everdrive.

i'm looking for $300 plus shipping.
paypalfees are for the buyer.

here are some pics with a little peep under the hood:


What's the thingy you have on there to play NES carts?


 A good friend of the op. Iirc, his company made and sells it
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