WTB: A NES-to-Famicom controller converter

Started by nintendodork, June 10, 2009, 04:26:58 pm

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Quote from: The Uninvited Gremlin on June 14, 2009, 07:43:35 pm
Have you ever tried taking the standard from its shell, and cut the metal from the sides and then mold it? then just make a solid box with the port to port?
That would look nicer and maybe actually work,

What would you use for the mold? Some kind of hard epoxy?
Because if you cut the metal from the sides you lose every way to grip the connector - the only way to support the whole thing together would be through its pins (which aren't very big and strong, and also need to hold the wires).

I believe a better idea would be getting an all-plastic injection-molded connector (like from an old PC Joystick/MIDI interface) and hacking it with a knife, removing plastic from the shell to make the connector longer.


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I've been thinking about taking my Famicom Arkanoid controller and using the connector and cable from it to wire to a NES Four Score, and then soldering a NES cable back onto the Arkanoid controller. Seems like a good choice to me since I got the Arkanoid controller pretty cheaply and if I desolder the cable at where it connects inside the controller and not just cut the wire, I can always put the original back onto it.  I'll post pics if I ever get around to it.


I'd definitely be interested in this solely because I would like to use a Zapper with my AV Famicom.  I'd get a Famicom Gun but they're quite expensive.


Quote from: b1aCkDeA7h on June 15, 2009, 09:27:52 am
I would like to use a Zapper with my AV Famicom.

That's the easiest of all. You only need to solder two wires to enable Zapper support on an AV Famicom. :)


If anybody is looking for famicom/neo geo cables,
tototek is selling them Here


That is perfect for making Famicom controller adapters.


I know that make two and half year since the last message, but I have a question: If I'd like to wire the pins 6 and 7 of the first controller, where I wire it to the famicom port? This work for the others type of NES controller too, like the Power Glove, NES Max, The Dog Bone, etc?
PS: I did the adapter following the 133MHz's schematic and my NES Zapper worked perfectly on my first model Famicom, thanks 133MHz very much for the schematic.
Sorry my poor English.


This piques my interest. I have ordered a few of the extension cables from ToToTek, and was thinking of just wiring it to the female end of a NES extension cord. I noticed the build of a Four Score modded with a Famicom expansion port plug. That is exactly what I would prefer to build. So would the wiring process just be matching up the corresponding wires from a standard pinout? Any help is appreciated!


Will those connectors work if so i can supply you guys with some :)

I am back everyone :)


The answer, is yes they will work tonev! Excellent!


Quote from: tonev on January 19, 2012, 04:29:31 am
Will those connectors work if so i can supply you guys with some :)

Those look like Atari 5200 controller cables


Is there anyone on the thread still that might be able to help with this situation?  I used this diagram to make an adapter but I can't get it to work at all. There's been a LOT of trial and error because I'm using Hong Kong knock off cables, BUT I did manage to map out the proper colors.  I know I have at least some of it wired correctly because my Advantage Controller lights up when I press the A and B button, but it has no influence on the gameplay.  I tried hooking up my Zapper and that didn't register any pulls of the trigger.  I have tried using my Ohm Meter to find which pins in the 15 pin port connect to the DATA wires in the hardwired controllers and I cannot find that they connect at all...

To summarize, I was an electrician... I wired houses...  I know nothing of electronics, am out of my league, and I have about $25 in cables sitting on my floor.  Does anyone out there have any ideas or advice?

Thank you.


If LEDs lights up I guess at least +5v is wired correctly. I'd check all wires again with the ohm meter and that they are connected. I have made this adapter before and it works with controller and zapper.

Quote from: 133MHz on June 13, 2009, 01:58:35 pm
Schematic (replace Twinhead PC-100 by Family Computer):

Be careful not to mirror the ports. I think the diagram is of the port side.


Thank you for the help.  I had one row of the 15 pins mirrored on my map I made.  And my cheap cables only had 5 wires instead of the 7 required for the zapper.  So I ran 2 wires (which I stole from a defective atari controller) and ran them in tandem with one of the cables and now I have the Zapper working, I have controller 2 working.  BUT Controller 1... It's like it is stuck on rapid fire.  Every button is registering hits about as quickly as the Famicom can process them when I hold down any button.  But the same controller works fine with port 2 of my adapter.  Do you have any experience with this issue?

Thank you so much.


Here's my take on NES-SNES-Famicom controller converter.

The idea was to make my device as modular as possible.
So with the right connectors it can be used as nes-to-fami converter, snes-to-fami, fami-to-dendy, you name it.
Heck, now I can even play my Super Game Boy with the Hudson Joycard!