Last game you beat (including Famicom)

Started by Doc, July 29, 2006, 11:29:29 pm

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Oh, there's multiple endings? Cool, I didn't know. I got the one where Kirby and the animal friend guys all are walking back while the credits go.


You can get a different ending if
you get all of the hidden rainbow drops.
They're pretty hard to find, though.


Street Fighter 2010

Although I used turbo, so still have some work to do.


Earthbound, although i'm working on Final Fantasy IV

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I beat Gleeeeeeeylancer for the first time.  Not that it's hard, just never had time to finish it in one sitting.  I'd like to beat Hard Mode to unlock Mania, but I don't think I'm quick enough yet.
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Double Dragon 2, on normal. My first time trying to play the game through...

[EDIT] And now.... Super C!


Shaq Fu, pretty bad but I've played much worse fighting games ::)
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Kira Kira Star Night DX

Finally beat Level 2 mode, then did it again with the alternate character.  Nets you this cool ending screen:

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Batman: The Video Game (NES)

I hadn't beaten this one in almost 20 years. I played it all the way to the Joker pretty easily a couple of weeks ago, but just couldn't take him down in over an hour of trying. I picked it up today and wound up punching him out on about my seventh or eighth try.
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Quote from: Jay-ray on June 26, 2016, 03:13:02 am
StarTropics 2 zoda's revenge. Great game really liked it. I thought it was better then the 1st except for zodas death scene and the ending.

Just completed this one myself. I was expecting another island-hopping game, like the first one. Then I realized why ZODA's REVENGE is in big titles, while StarTropics II is barely noticeable.

I liked playing through these; they are obscure gems (and nice spiritual successors to the Zelda games on the NES). But I felt the second one was a little too easy. Something about the second one's ending left much to be desired as well. :-\


Just beat Gremlins 2 on NES for the very first time after rewatching the movie!