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Started by Doc, July 29, 2006, 11:29:29 pm

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RC Pro-Am II (NES)

There's not much of an ending to this one. If you survive the last track (36), you just get shown your score relative to your computer opponents and jump to the High-Score screen and back to the main title screen. (Which is exactly the same result as a game-over.) I finished second to one of the computers in overall points, but I also took the High-Score (which doesn't count the scores of the computer players, obviously). It would've been nice to finish first, but I can always try again later.
Can Nintendo Age Beat Every NES Game in 2015?


I thought the game loops back to track 1 like the first game. I don't remember if I cleared all tracks but I played RC Pro-Am II quite a bit in the past.

Cleaned up SR388 in Metroid II! It was much easier than the first Metroid, the enemies are scarce (I guess the metroids and the X killed most of the creatures on the planet) although there are lots of bosses (about every metroid is like a boss or mini boss) you seldom have to worry about your energy getting depleted from normal enemies unlike in the first game. The queen was very hard and took me several tries, which made it very satisfying to beat her in the end. Great ending too.

Time for Super Metroid. That's yet another Metroid game I've played multiple times in the past but never really beaten.


Yesterday I beat The Legend of Zelda - Link's Awakening on Gameboy for the umpteenth time. And today I revisited and completed Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru (GB), also conquered the final world of Populous (GB) again.

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Haha, got to try that sometime.

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Cleaned up SR388 in Metroid II!

Grats! Great game. :) What time did you get?


05:50 I guess that's the second worst ending, I didn't exactly hurry through the game though. The game is not half as confusing as the first game much thanks to the linearity of the game. It's probably the most linear of all Metroid games, since you just need to clean all metroids in a certain area before an earthquake happens and the acid in the tunnels leaks out and you can go to the next area. Each area is often quite big though and often a bit confusing.

Now the last metroid is in captivity, and the galaxy is at peace. Great game indeed. :)



RC Pro-Am II doesn't loop infinitely like the first game does. It just game-overs after completing the last track. A pretty poor ending for an otherwise excellent game.

I have achieved my goal with Cosmos Cop. I managed to beat it on two deaths, using no primary weapon, and destroying the Chief boss with less than 130 rounds of my secondary weapon. I hope I can earn my completion credit for it in the Nintendo Age challenge.
Can Nintendo Age Beat Every NES Game in 2015?


Congrats - to earn the achievement you have to 1CC it?
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Legend of the River King on Gameboy. Love this game! Good timing too, I'm leaving on a fishing trip today.


Darkwing Duck on the NES. I'm really disappointed it didn't get a Famicom release, since I love that game so much. Considering searching for a pirate or Famicom reproduction.
I'll probably die surrounded by plastic crap.


I also beat the orginal Metroid on my 3DS XL today. I used to find this game waaay too brutal, but that was because I attempted going to Kraid's Hideout without even going to Norfair at all. I learned that going to Norfair early on and getting the High Jump Boots, Screw Attack, and Wave beam made the game sooo much easier. I only died 2 times (not counting Mother Brain) and used the virtual console's save state feature for saving right before the final battle. I didn't get the best ending, I think I had the 3rd or 4th best. I also got all items except 2 missles and the energy tank near the starting point in Brinstar. Now that I beat it without the cheat code, I find this game pretty easy. Next time I will try to beat it without the map.

I tried playing Metroid Fusion right after, but all the talking and cut scenes make the game a pain in the ass to play. I think I'm going to get Kid Icarus 3D Classics on the 3DS XL with my Club Nintendo points. I have it for both FDS (selling it, not keeping) and have the NES cart, but I really like how nice the 3DS version looks. I have never gotten past the first dungeon in this game. I have nearly beaten the GB one, but I find the last boss way to hard. I also have beaten Metroid II a long time ago and found it kinda easy.

And I agree with Darkwing Duck, it's a great Capcom Disney game! I never hear anyone talk about it. Another criminally underated NES game is Conquest of the Crystal Palace. It's an unknown gem and has very deep gameplay, awesome graphics and sound, and I haven't really gotten past the third level. I should play this again soon!


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Kiwi Kraze (NES)

This game is now in the running for the title of "Hardest Game I've Ever Beaten." This game is ridiculously sadistic.

Oh, and nightstar, if you're reading this: please give this one another shot. You're a much better platformer than I am; if I can beat this, so can you.

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I beat CastleVania (NES) for the first time tonight. Another childhood favorite conquered at last!
Can Nintendo Age Beat Every NES Game in 2015?


Went through Donkey Kong on Gameboy again. Also Home Alone (GB) for the first time.


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This is probably THE gem on the Caltron 6-in1. Now, if I can beat Balloon Monster, I will have beaten all six of the Caltron games in the same year.

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Just beat The Mafat Conspiracy (NES) for the first time. Although the graphics were an upgrade on the first Golgo-13, I don't think I like it as much as the original.

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Balloon Monster (Famicom)

50 tedious, aggravating levels to be beaten in one sitting, just for the game to loop back to level 1 without an ending. And the game doesn't even keep score, so there's no point in continuing after that. But I can now say that I've beaten all six of the games that appeared on the Caltron 6-in-1.
Can Nintendo Age Beat Every NES Game in 2015?


Gokurousama! It looks like you are leading on the Nintendo Age challenge.

I finally beat Super Metroid! Ridley wasn't that hard although very durable. Mother Brain was also much easier than the last boss in the two earlier games, didn't even need to use crystal flash. Draygon was the hardest boss of all, took me several tries. I saved the etecoons and drachora before escaping, the least I could do since they teached me these incredibly useful techniques.


I finally 'beat' Beetle Adventure Racing (Yeah, there's still the bonus mode w/ the final course, but the tracks are so freaking loooong),

I guess you could say my skills got good as I had to keep replaying the game because it was resetting for some reason about 40 min in.
Well it didn't do it last night, and I finally beat the Professional circuit and got the game credits.  Huzzah!

Take that you mildly crappy game!


Nettou Samurai Spirits: Zankurou Musouken on Gameboy.