Last game you beat (including Famicom)

Started by Doc, July 29, 2006, 11:29:29 pm

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Colorful Dragon by Sachen (Famicom) AKA Tagin' Dragon in the States courtesy of Color Dreams/Bunch. Not that tough a game, once you figure out its quirks and learn how to earn extra lives.

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Big Nose the Caveman (NES) is beaten, after months of off-and-on practice!
Can Nintendo Age Beat Every NES Game in 2015?


Spec Ops: The Line on PS3

Better than I expected, the gameplay was merely adequate but the story just got better and better, with a great ending to top it off.


August 04, 2014, 01:37:01 pm #467 Last Edit: August 04, 2014, 02:27:04 pm by Issun
Been playing some more Nettou Samurai Spirits: Zankurou Musouken on Gameboy today and I finally beat it on Expert without continues. The input lag takes getting used to, especially when you're accustomed to the fluid and pretty much perfect controls of the first game (Samurai Shodown GB). But not a bad game all in all, it's got a healthy dose of difficulty as well.


Just yesterday I finally beat Konami Wai Wai World.  ;D


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Real Bout Special on Gameboy. I've beaten it multiple times before on Normal without losing a round. This time I finished it on Hard, didn't use a continue but lost the bonus match vs Iori after the credits. :(

Edit: Went through Real Bout Special on Hard again, no continues and this time I pummeled Iori good. :)


My brother and I gave a good go at it a few months ago.

I'm sure it gets easier once you start unlocking things, but we couldn't figure out what to do at some point, though I forget what it was.


I believe I yet again beat Super Mario Bros. sometime ago?

I should probably go after beating All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros..


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Quote from: Bob-Bob on August 05, 2014, 08:46:56 am
Just yesterday I finally beat Konami Wai Wai World.  ;D
I also just beat konami wai wai world again today. after I cleared the final boss and made it back to twin bee before time was up it just took me back to the start hub no ending sequence. I was pretty salty and wasn't going to take that final boss on again. I think this maybe done kind of glitch I don't know as soon as I got in twin bee I just started pressing A maybe this skipped the ending never the less this is the reason I have no pic for you guys today. Ugh I hate glitches


Jay, look...I like you and all but you really need to remember your punctuation. Your posts are a pain to read without commas and periods.  :-[

The reason you didn't get the ending sequence you probably did run out of time. It's just that the game still lets you leave the stage even after it runs out.


I needed to test a few SNES controllers last night, so it was a good excuse to do a playthrough of Mega Man X. It's such a classic, and maybe the perfect game to test controllers with.
Can Nintendo Age Beat Every NES Game in 2015?


Quote from: Bob-Bob on August 06, 2014, 08:34:44 am
Jay, look...I like you and all but you really need to remember your punctuation. Your posts are a pain to read without commas and periods.  :-[

Hey wow that's a real kick in the the dick thanks for putting me on blast friend.


Look, I mentioned it politely. You don't have to give me attitude in return.


Ghostbusters (NES)

What a broken, horrible game! When I heard about the glitch on the stairs to give you virtual invincibility, I had to knock this one out at least once for my own personal records. (Seeing it was still needed for the NA challenge was a good bonus, too.) This was one of my first five NES games, and it's still bitterly disappointing to me how badly this one was made. And it's not cheating to exploit the game's glitching against itself; it's kusoge ju-jitsu!

Still, I have prooved the justice of our culture. I deserve your conglaturations. Now I will go and rest, because I am a hero.
Can Nintendo Age Beat Every NES Game in 2015?


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Catrap on Gameboy. Really fun puzzle game. It gets really hard near the end, though I solved the last level pretty quickly.

Edit: Samurai Shodown on Mega Drive. Level 8 (hardest). Haven't beaten it in years. I only used two continues and that was early in the game vs Gen-an, I should've just restarted.  ::)

Edit: Gave it another go today, completed Samurai Shodown (MD) on level 8 without continues.

Edit: Samurai Shodown on SNES. Level 8. I only used one continue and that was vs. Amakusa. What's irritating is that I beat him with two "perfects" afterwards.  :upsetroll:


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Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers

It was my first time beating the Famicom version, but it didn't seem any different from the NES version (aside from the text being in Japanese, of course).

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All-Pro Basketball (NES)

I finished 35-0 with Chicago, while winning games by an average margin of about 40 points. Fairly dull game, actually, but it was a pretty easy 10 point game for the Nintendo Age challenge.
Can Nintendo Age Beat Every NES Game in 2015?