Last game you beat (including Famicom)

Started by Doc, July 29, 2006, 11:29:29 pm

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Today, Mega Man 8. Finally, I got past the dreaded(to me) "Jump jump slide slide" stage of Wily's fortress and got the rest of the way as well.


YES, YES, YES!!!!! I just beat King of Fighters 99 on PS1. I played this game for 2 days until I beat that absolutely ridiculously cheap final boss. My reaction after that was literally this:

To be specific, I actually played it on single play which is the traditional way to play fighting games, you know, you have to beat the opponent twice and you have 3 rounds max with only 1 loss max. This took me so long. Anyway I played the whole game as Mai with Kyo as helper. I thought once that Shao Kahn from Mortal Kombat 3 was the hardest final boss I have ever encountered in my life. Man I will probably back up my words now...

Well, that is until I realized I'm PROBABLY supposed to beat this game in team mode which is the default mode. That is a completely different story. So I just chose Leona, Terry, Mai and Kyo and started playing again and.. I beat this game again with 1 credit run this time. In this mode, the final boss is approximately 50 times easier as this is 4 people vs 1 final boss and only 1 victory is needed now. So in the end, I beat this game twice today and I must say team mode is very easy to complete overall

If there are any fighting games fans then please let me know what you think


Well played! King is my main in the KoF series, though I don't believe I've finished any of them solo. Shao Kahn was an absolute nightmare in MK3 when I beat it on Super Nintendo. I think a lot of other SNK fighters have similarly bad end bosses. Have you ever tried Double Dragon on Neo Geo / PS1?  :'(


Never played Double Dragon on PS1 but it looks like a fighting game, never even knew it existed. Wasn't Double Dragon fighting game also released on SNES??

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The Neo Geo Double Dragon confused me, because it used clips from the movie but it was it's own thing. It has a pretty rad soundtrack, too!

Also, Shadow Falls looks like it's based off the cartoon, which I mildly remember.


The Neo Geo game is based on the movie rather than the other games AFAIK. Including movie-exclusive characters.


Böbl a NES game for the NESDEV compo.


Quote from: MaarioS on March 10, 2020, 04:11:31 pmNever played Double Dragon on PS1 but it looks like a fighting game, never even knew it existed. Wasn't Double Dragon fighting game also released on SNES??
I wish I could erase Double Dragon V from my childhood, it was a huge letdown when I expected a beat 'em up.

The one based on the movie has some really cool scrolling and interactive background elements. Also broken as hell with the block-juggles but it's charming to me and I have an SNKG cart for my MVS setup.  :gamer:


Mappy Kids on Famicom.  Got the bad ending.  The moral of this game is that you should never play slot machines because they'll take away your house!



I beat some games lately:

Tokimeki Memorial, the PS1 standard-setting dating-sim by Konami. First I got the worst ending possible, then I read up on some stuff and was able to win over a blue-haired girl for the win.

Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening, the Switch remake. Great Zelda game and the precursor to Majora's Mask in terms of tone.

Kid Dracula for Gameboy. Easier than the Famicom one with very gentle continue checkpoints, but gets unforgiving-ish at the last stage which took me a while. Overall though I prefer the Famicom version.

Zettai Zetsumei Toshi for PS2, aka Disaster Report, aka SOS The Final Escape. Disaster-simulation-escape-adventure by Irem. Started out slow and has poor framerate and terrible sound design throughout but still a good game, and it picked up a lot in the last third.