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Started by Chris Leach, March 18, 2010, 08:43:36 am

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Chris Leach

Just a suggestion, but as trades and sales are conducted here at FamicomWorld..I was thinking the feedback could use an enhancement.
Maybe set up the layout differently so that each member who trades, buys or sells on FamicomWorld would have thier own thread under the feedback only forum...
The thread would be locked out of edits as well.

For example: I buy some goods from Jedi and I receive them as usual.  I then would go to the Feedback thread and leave feedback under his name....positive as always.  The post is locked so I cn not go back in and edit it if I get angry with him later on....The positive is what was meant and the positive is there to stay.  This would then become a fair way of knowing whether or no to deal with any said member here at FamicomWorld... ;D

The thread could then be viewed and all of the feedback for each member would be under their respective name instead of under each other members postings... ???
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I agree, the way we do it currently is quite flawed. Going through pages to see feedback of one member is quite difficult.


Another forum I sometimes read has a "Buy/Sell/Trade Score" in the forum profile.

Example thread:

I don't know how easy or hard this is to do...


Only issue is that all old feedback from members that dont currently exist any longer wouldnt be counted.

For example, I have quite a bit of feedback from Chiaotzu but he isnt on here anymore.
Btw, I really miss him... he was kind and friendly and always was willing to help locate me carts. He is the reason I have a boxed copy of Yie Ar Kung Fu.

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Whats Tien Shinhan? I have never heard of that before.


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