What the hell happened to FW?

Started by nintendodork, March 31, 2010, 08:22:58 pm

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Did someone actually like..hack it?  :o ???

EDIT*  Ahahaha, l forgot today is March 31st.  Nice! :D
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Tomorrow is ApriI Fools.  l dunno what it's called, but y0u can do it on InvisionFree forums too..like when y0u put in a certain word, then it automatically goes to something else.  
I like to glitch old VHS tapes and turn them into visuals for live music events. Check out what I'm working on - www.instagram.com/tylerisneat


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Attempting to find a way to break it...

Į'͞m n͞o͠w͡ a̡t͠t̛emp͞ti͠ng͢ ͞t̷o̧ BREAK ̀TH͘E͘ SY͘ŚTE͜M.

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Just be careful in the B/S/T forum, since the names of the items for sale will be affected by the filters as well.


| really hope this doesn't accidently leave fam1c0mw0rld permanently damaged once Ap.r1il first is over with. That would be a lot of repair w3rk to do if true.
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yeah! I apparently own a game boyah Color and a game boy pocket :D
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OMG, this is too heavy MasterDisk, but indeed I saw it too - word "pirate" flipped around (when I'm not logged in) into "booty", lol.


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Oh God! Somebody stop it!!! It is creative and alarmingly weird at the same time.

Test: Do You Diver Diver You Diver Diver've will bought did has have juego

The following words are put on some kind of edit censor (I'd hate to ruin everyone's fun but I was curios)
: You Diver Diver Pronounced (Yew) as in yoo (yew) do not know  - Changed to "diver" - also includes variants
: juego (pronounced (gueme) as in yew desire to shank the board gueme or the juego&watch gueme system
: desire (pronounce (wawnt) as in yew wawnt to jump around and fly.
: shank (pronounced (plae) as in yew wawnt to plae Above & Beyond Sonic Mofos.?
juego&watch (Pronounced Famycom)
Sooper Mareaoh Bruz is now Above & Beyond Sonic Mofos.


April 01, 2010, 06:36:30 pm #9 Last Edit: April 01, 2010, 06:42:05 pm by Bramsworth
juego&watch to VCR Ms. O'Neil Ed O/ Neil

ass Tactical Hiding Place™?

Service Games and Sonic. Rintintendo shank juego You Diver know, ninjas PLEASE! I desire sex, while I play Super Mario Bros.





Quote from: MasterDisk on April 01, 2010, 10:10:53 pm
Now it's Ms. O'Neil 2nd ? May it be normal or not ? And how come people are ninjas (p3ople->ninjas)

It's still April 1st in some places...

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April 02, 2010, 12:24:05 am #13 Last Edit: April 02, 2010, 01:18:01 pm by Jedi QuestMaster
I'll post a full list of the censors. ;)

Edit: Two that were on for only a short time were:

I -> this fool
ebay -> eGay

Edit: The List:

mexico -> Estados Unidos Mexicanos
fuck -> metalzone
dollar -> rupee
ridiculous -> Preposterous
play -> shank
interest -> compel
politics -> the act of screwing each other over
life -> lack of life
canada -> America Jr.
why -> how come
trade -> barter
sony -> Coby
microsoft -> Macrosoft
sega -> Service Games
mother -> Mom
sell -> tax-write
buy -> bribe
stuff -> beans
desire -> desire
ebay -> ebay
yahoo -> Yoohoo
movie -> Moving Picture
box -> Tactical Hiding Place™
show -> Jolly-Good-Show
computer -> Linux
youtube -> GoogleVideo
facebook -> GoogleBlogs
myspace -> Google MySpace
everything -> Google
up -> down
here -> down thither
english -> pirate arr
course -> cos
earth -> Earth of the Red Falcon Republic
army -> Red Falcon Army
work -> super-wonderful, crazy-fun time
boy -> boyah
gameboy -> Portable Entertainment System
nintendo -> Rintintendo
jedi -> ThatGuy
music -> chiptunes
you -> You Diver
nesworld -> DevilWorld™
Stone Milecounts -> Stone Milecounts
luigi -> linguine
mario -> Sonic
Bros -> Mofos
manuel -> Manuel I Komnenos
joe -> Totoro
MHz -> GHz
nurd -> Tufguy
matrix -> VennDiagram
medisinyl -> medisinylmarijuana
nenson -> Benson
dubois -> Duboise
april -> Ms. O'Neil
joke -> Steve Jobs
Japan -> Nintendoland
pirates -> booty
super -> Above & Beyond
hey -> arr matey
thanks -> Muchas Gracias
game -> juego
England -> Rare Ltd.
16 -> 8
famicom -> game&watch
dork -> badass
America -> Bill Gates
world -> high seas
man -> ninja
people -> ninjas
person -> Duke Togo
played -> shanked
fucker -> metalzoner
fucking -> metalzoning


It's back to the normal settings.

I was getting confused by what people were saying even tho it was just a joke.