Last Famicom game you played?

Started by Doc, July 30, 2006, 12:47:36 am

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It was Super Mario Bros and i beat it but now I'm trying to beat Kero Kero Keroppi Daibouken 2, wish me luck :)
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Mighty Final Fight

Graphics are great but the game isn't especially fun :-[

Got to level 5 and didn't bother continuing since it was just frustrating.



Hudson's Nuts & Milk. Not the hottest one on the system but historically significant as the first third-party game on the Famicom. And personally too, this is probably the very first game I played from a multicart on a clone console back when I was a little brat, fiddling with the editor more than with the game proper. The reason why I played it after all these long years? Trying to beat buddy's high-score in it :D


That's a pretty good game. It's easily on par with first-party Nintendo games from that era, and it's sad people don't talk about it more often. That name though, I guess they thought naming the characters Nuts and Milk was just a cute and Innocent food reference ::)


Bird Fighter - I really love that game.


The last one was the Contra. It's a great game. Also, it is available on Android.


Just beat Star Wars (Lucasfilm Games version) for the first time, though I did use some continues, all in the penultimate segment where you need to destroy a million TIE Fighters before the trench run.

I really like the physics in the platforming stages, and the game is impressively open for a licensed NES game. You can do Tatooine in any order you like, though there are benefits to doing certain parts before others. And if you want to skip Han Solo and just hijack the Millennium Falcon, that's totally an option, as is ignoring rescuing Leia.

The final shmup stage is acceptable, but the two stages before that bring the whole game down a notch or three. Still a fun game overall.