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Started by Doc, July 30, 2006, 12:16:18 am

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Quote from: kite200 on January 04, 2007, 11:07:15 pm
moai kun

Thanks alot. ;D And it's also for sale on ebay, I gotta get it.

(And sorry for not posting in this topic, I didn't see it. If I ever need another game finding help, I'll post in here.)


Stickied. This thread is officially for people who need help with game titles. :)


Hi! good! i really need help with the names of Famicom games, the ones that have the title in english are ok but the others... I have no way to find out it's names since I buy from japan directly, mostly looking at the pics... I need to learn japanese right now... sigh!
So, maybe you can help me to name the games I've shown in the pictures in my presentation thread:

I Can make direct pics of the portraits too. Who knows, maybe some of you can tell the name of the game just looking at its japanese title... that would speed the identification a lot.

BTW, can you tel me any list with names and the image of the box of the games?

Thx a lot!

Let me know


Hey, I'd like to help, but you're going to have to post the individual games you need to identify. It's hard to see them in those pics of the shelves. :) Nice HUGE collection! Jealous.


I can read japanese fairly well, please post better pics tho of individual games. you can post a few at a time if you like. Then I can try to translate for you like I did with valkyrie no bouken in some other topic on this board


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Ok. I need help identifying these, please. Probably need someone who can read Japanese.





I know that 3. is Akumajou Special, but what does it say before the "III".


Zatsugaku Olympic Part II

Zatsugaku Olympic

Akumajou III

Last one, right now I don't know





So I've asked my HK guy to track down some Mario multicarts and other pirates, he sent me a pic of this:

Is this just a SMB1 pirate?


I can't read the Japanese, but my best guess would be yes, based on the cart image.


Just says Super Mario Brothers


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What's this one?



the golf beutiful girls classic.

its a hentai game