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Started by Jabra, April 05, 2010, 01:11:18 pm

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I hope that the list of the games ( at least the carts ) contains pictures of the cart and picture of the title screen and a screen shot of the game.... I know this might be difficult...but I at least insert the available pictures.


We do plan on adding screen shots for all the games, but that's a big undertaking.  Cart shots require, well, actual carts, so those are a bit harder to come up with.


UJ, but many people have the carts and I'd imagine together we can slowly fill the void or atleast a good portion of it.


Yes, I'd love to help. If you want, check out my photobucket collection and if you see something you want a high resolution picture of, I will gladly provide it.
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With plenty of member involvement, the task seems more plausible.  ;D


With the help of everyone on FW this can be a very sucsessfull database.
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Just to mention, a great deal of screens are already on VGmuseum, in case anyone didn't realise:



The site also has endings, manuals posters etc in assorted consistencies.
Oh, don't forget VGmaps as well:
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