Like Atari and NES? Check out indie film Game Boys

Started by satoshi_matrix, September 15, 2010, 12:59:17 pm

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September 15, 2010, 12:59:17 pm Last Edit: September 15, 2010, 01:56:38 pm by satoshi_matrix
I stumbled upon this on racketboy and gooddamn did I lol at this low budget videogame nerdfest film. If you know a good deal about the Atari 2600 and NES, us oldschool gamers can expect to get hundreds of references anyone else would be scratching their heads at, and prepare to lose your mind at some of the jokes.

The film isn't spectacular and not nearly as good as the recent Scott Pilgrim vs the World, but its a fun little indie film about our favorite decade and hobby.

Except fairly poor video and audio, overacting, and super obscure videogame references. Also expect a generic love story thinly vailed over the plot to help give it substance. This is a very low budget film, but very enjoyable nevertheless. Some of the jokes are just as good as if not better than those found in Scott Pilgrim.


Scott and Ray are two old school video game geeks who spend the majority of their days playing Nintendo and reminiscing about the 80's. But when Scott is dumped by his girlfriend, the two devise a plan to take Scott's mind off of the drama. With the help of their friend Steve, the boys seek out the rare Atari porno game "Custer's Revenge" in an attempt to hold a contest to see who can get past 5000 points, all while Scott desperately tries to woo the attention of Sally, the beautiful game store employee.

Find the film here