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Finds (NES)

Started by JC, August 26, 2006, 12:13:07 pm

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Nintendo unfortunately do destroy internal / development type items.  

To date I have not seen any record online of a GB Micro debug / capture kit for example, and I have seen a whole room of them return to be disposed of.  :(
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That's too bad, although it's understandable. I'd hope they at least save some copies for documenting reasons. The Nintendo Playstation prototype was supposedly allowed to exist because it was modified to not to work.

Quote from: Retrospectives on July 24, 2018, 04:42:26 am
In my local Toy/Game shop the Kiosks were located just behind disk counter. If wanted re-write, submit score or such, just tell clerk which one, and they did it manually for you. It was not allowed to touch it, and reason I think is because is such fragile with floppy and that some people might not know how to operate it even if given instruction, so yeah, visually available in most store I think, but not physically available to touch it except the clerk who obvious had gotten instructions of how to operate it.  :D

I remember they stored disk under the disk.  ;D As I mean like, they had cardboard boxes with blank yellow floppies under the clerk desk, they just took if someone wanted to buy one, and then they ask what game and such, and they write it to you, put the label and case (might have been in the case from beginning, not remember sorry), and then it was finished.

However, later I remember in LAWSON they had Game Boy and SFC ATM, and that was manually operate by customer. It looked very similar to normal ATM. But that's totally another story eheheh.

That's how I imagined it, thanks for confirming! The Game Boy and SFC ATM was Nintendo Power kiosks I guess. So these were user operable.


Since it is mostly NES, I''l post it here.
Back from the convention. I picked up NES Qix fpr 15 Klax for 5 and Cool Boarders 2 for 3.


#Mspacman #Tengen #NES complete in box with the NES advantage pamphlet and Tengen business card for 5.99. Wakka wakka!


Behold.... A heavy weight champion, 100000 knockouts , a 100000 koopa's killed and another 100000 ducks shot in the past, it is the one and onlyyyyyyyyyyyyy..... Famicombox hotel system! :wub:

I always downshift near a hybrid, so they can hear me hurt the environment...


I would love a FamicomBox but I have no room for one. I have some carts though. Speaking of carts, I feel like I the label sunfading is because employees left the units facing the window and people who used the rooms would leave the sun hitting the carts causing them to fade. Huh, not really a bright idea. :pow:


Still picking up the occasional NES-exclusive. I got NES Tetris sometime last year, and I got Smash TV earlier this week.

I wanted it partly because it's the only (I think?) NES/Famicom game allows real twin-stick play, two controllers per player. Works pretty well, too. And with the dogbone controllers it's comfortable, I can imagine the classic NES controller it could get painful...
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Quote from: Ghegs on January 22, 2020, 08:59:42 amI wanted it partly because it's the only (I think?) NES/Famicom game allows real twin-stick play, two controllers per player.

Crazy Climber for Famicom uses twin stick controls, as well.  Single player, though.  It came packaged with plastic knobs you could fit over the d-pads to make them more comfortable (in theory, anyway).


Aahh, I did actually know that, but had forgotten about it. Or maybe I was thinking just of top-down shooters when I wrote the post. Many a time I've contemplated getting Crazy Climber, but the game itself doesn't hold much appeal to me.
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Contra (box and cart) for about $12. Considering a loose cart is going for double that amount right now, I think it's a good deal.