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Show Your Stash!

Started by vealchop, November 18, 2006, 08:10:40 am

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This is my Fami collection so far. Not very big, but it's growing. I have a Famicom Disk system, and five more disk games in the mail right now. My girlfriend also bought me a ton of loose carts that I have some pictures of, but theyre with her in the Philippines so I'm not including them.  I also don't have a very good camera, so if anyone wants to see a specific game up close or know what it is let me know, I'll be happy to show.


VERY NICE CIB collection so far. I only ever went for loose so I commend you on your effort!


 ;D Ww thanks. I'm not big into loose carts. I don't know why they just don't appeal to me anymore. All of my NES and SNES games are cart only, and even though they're where my nostalgia really is they just feel as nice as my cib Famicom games.


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Just about finished setting up my game room at my new house
Sorry for the music was rocking out to some postmodern jukebox on YouTube while moving arcade games today

oh yea
cant forget the stash that does not fit out in the open


Here's a photo of my current set up. Genesis/MD/SMS carts are in the box/drawer under the tv, more NES carts are in the NES box under the GameCubes, and Famicom carts are in the cassette tape holder. Missing from pics are the multitude of Gameboys, a SCPH-1001 PS1 and a Genesis model 3 (that I haven't been able to find in a couple years) as well as all controllers and accessories for various consoles.
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This is my setup from a couple of years ago. I would post a new one but it's so messy. I will have to post an updated one soon! AWA!

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My Famicom collection is modest, but it suits my needs very well.  The first image shows my late AV Famicom and my Famicom HVC-CPU-07 :

You can see the obligatory EverDrive and 72-to-60 pin converter for an NES PowerPak.  The controller is actually a NES controller, which uses a longer wire than the AV Famicom controllers.  I have the original AV Famicom controllers elsewhere.  

The second photo shows my cartridge and peripheral collection :

Can you guess what the common theme of these cartridges and device is?  My disk drive is not pictured, but my FDSStick takes care of its duties.
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Very nice little collection.
I want to get those games too one day. I have only Just Breed and the FDS among those, but also Esper Dream 2. For Gimmick! I might get a repro though because of the price and the manual scans are available online, but the others are affordable. I might get Akumajou Densetsu loose though as I have the manual scans already. I'd also like to get Metal Slader Glory, but it's also expensive.

The common theme is probably related to: VRC7, NEC µPD7756C, Sunsoft-5b, FDS Wavetable, Namco 163, VRC6 and MMC5!



I would hazard a guess and say it's all music chips set themed?  The Baseball throws me off a bit but I think they all have a certain 'soundfont' to them...

I'm also guessing this is why you like the FDS and use it a lot (hence the FDSstick) and the Powerpak for NSFs...  By the way is the Gimmick! a repro?

P posted while I was writing my reply - but that makes me all the more sure it's all around chip music interests!
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I literally do not own even one of those games or a FDS. It is a really cool collection though, expensive one too.


Quote from: L___E___T on August 24, 2017, 03:01:58 am
I would hazard a guess and say it's all music chips set themed?

Correct! Or more specifically, they are all using the expansion audio possibility.

QuoteThe Baseball throws me off a bit but I think they all have a certain 'soundfont' to them...

Those Jaleco baseball games contains a special sound chip (called NEC µPD7755C and NEC µPD7756C) with speech samples. I don't think these samples have been dumped so none of those games works as they should in any emulator or flashcard.
Aerobics Studio also has something similar (called Mitsubishi M50805) also with undumped speech samples.
Luckily these are all quite cheap games AFAIK.

The Analogue NT Mini claims to be able to play every game but I wonder if these games with sample sound chips really works on it?

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All these cartridges and the FDS RAM Adapter use expansion audio capabilities.  I wanted a representative cartridge of each type of expansion audio.  Lagrange Point and Just Breed have had their ROMs swapped with English-translation EPROMs.  The Gimmick is a repro, but it uses a Sunsoft 5B board with the mixing circuit added. 

In terms of audio emulation, some PC emulators can support the speech of games like Moero Pro Yakuu through the use of recordings of the speech playback. No flash cart, including the Analogue Nt Mini, supports the speech chips.  I made a short video comparing the speech of it vs its US counterpart :  I also made a video of real Lagrange Point vs. the EverDrive :
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I wanted to collect all the expansion audio chips too, but I only got Esper Dream 2, Just Breed and the FDS for now.
I guess you are still missing Dosukoi Ouzumo and Aerobics Studio. I almost got that last one at one point, but someone bid over me in the final moment. I didn't think it would go that high considering you need the Family Trainer for it, oh well.

QuoteNo flash cart, including the Analogue Nt Mini, supports the speech chips.

I see, false advertising of the Analogue NT then. I don't like when people claim something can do more stuff than it really can. >:(

QuoteI made a short video comparing the speech of it vs its US counterpart :

Nice comparison, the µPD7756C is clearly a bit better than the internal DPCM channel that the NES version uses.

QuoteI also made a video of real Lagrange Point vs. the EverDrive :

Oh so the Everdrive finally did it? I can hear a difference in battles, besides the volume being lower. But it sounds like it's getting very close. Hopefully they didn't get the volume totally wrong like with VRC6.

Great Hierophant

Most people know about the famous chips like the VRC6,7, the 5B and the FDS, but the other chips are a bit more obscure.  The speech chips are the most obscure because the games themselves aren't the most popular.  I wanted an exemplar of each chip category, I didn't feel like acquiring the sumo game because it is the same chip as the baseball games with less storage space.  There are recordings of the Aerobics Studio game available and they are really annoying. 

I wonder if one of the reasons why Jaleco went with the higher quality speech chip is because of the Japanese language.  Japanese is a vowel-oriented language, far more words in Japanese end with a vowel compared to the consonant-friendly Germanic languages.   The chip gives better clarity than DPCM when the music is playing in the background. 

If anything, I might get Moero!! Pro Tennis, Uchuu Keibitai SDF and maybe the other two VRC6 games.  They either have or don't need English-language patches.  I know several of the Namco games have patches, but their boards are extremely unfriendly to patching due to the use of glop tops.
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I want Aerobics Studio not only because of the sound chip but also because it's a missing part of my Family Trainer collection.
For VRC6, although I already have Esper Dream 2, I want Akumajou Densetsu just because it's a great game with great music. For Namco 163 I had my eyes on Erika to Satoru since forever, because I like adventure games. And also Megami Tensei II (well if I ever beat the first game).

Not sure if I'd call Japanese vowel-oriented though. In terms of vowel quality we have many more vowel sounds in Germanic languages (Japanese has 5, English has 12 (plus 13 diphthongs) and Swedish has around 20 vowel sounds I think). Considering Japanese has relatively few phonemes I wonder if clarity is more important in the language? I'd think more phonemes make it easier for sounds to get mixed up maybe? But Japanese probably do have more vowels per syllable than Germanic languages, and I guess that's what you mean by it being vowel-oriented.

I guess they probably felt that good speech samples was important for the feel in a Baseball or other sports game, and the technology was there so they went for it.