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Show Your Stash!

Started by vealchop, November 18, 2006, 08:10:40 am

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Some random shots around the house and some sections of my console game collection.

Shmup setup (PC/360/PS3/PS2/Xbox1 hooked up)

Usually have the gyroxus chair in a closet (PC/360/Wii/PS3 hooked up)

Computer Room

Shmup setup 2 (PC/PS2/PS3/DC hooked up)

Sony PVM RGB setup (SFC/MegaDrive+CD/Saturn/PCEngineDuoR/Famicom hooked up)

Bedroom setup (PS3/PS2/360/PC hooked up)

Misc CRT (gamebox console)

Gateway VGA monitor w/ XRGB2+ (PS2/DC)

Some random collections:

Super Famicom (got a lot more since this pic)


NeoGeo AES (also got a lot of MVS carts, CDs, ports, etc)

Sega Saturn



PC-Engine / PC-FX


Some of my console SEGA hardware:

More pics of lots of other game collections in my sig.

Will get around to taking pics of my updated CIB famicom collection one day.





two frickin Laser Actives! Woah... just woah!
I'd kill for the Wondermega*g


I just creamed my pants from those :o


So then...who wants to raid stealthlurker's house?   ;D


In love with your Capcom cabs!!  I have a Viewlix too - I don't use it much cos I get told it's over the top :P
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Thanks folks.

Yeah, I'm also a big fan of arcade style joystick collecting... so large, non-practical sticks don't faze me one bit lol. I've got 2 of those Vewlix sticks (1 for ps3 and 1 for 360), however a guy I know in town has 6-8 of them!!



We wondered if we could persuade Taito to send an actual Viewlkix cab (or two) for the office :)
My for Sale / Trade thread


Quote from: L___E___T on February 07, 2012, 02:30:57 am
We wondered if we could persuade Taito to send an actual Viewlkix cab (or two) for the office :)

bah just buy it and write it off as a business expense lol. They're cheaper than a disk array or copier machine even with shipping.


Parodius Duh

absolutely stunned, seeing stealth lurkers collection makes me want to stop collecting cause I know ill never have a collection anything like slots.....MIB SFC and MD games......gahhhhhhh *dead*


Yes, I think I will also wave the white flag and give stealthlurker the win for the most impressive collection on here.  Wow!


My fiance insisted on arranging the front rows of my carts in rainbow order.


Whoa!  A plush Mr Saturn!?  Where did you get that??  :D


They had them as crane machine prizes a while back here in Japan, I went down to the Namcoland with a stack of coins and didn't leave until I had three of them.    :pacman: :coin: :coin: :coin: :coin: :coin: :coin: :coin: :coin: