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Show Your Stash!

Started by vealchop, November 18, 2006, 08:10:40 am

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I want to get myself a disk resurfacing machine for christmas maybe. I have 2 Gamecube games that are also scratched: Kururin Squash and Doubutsu no Mori e+. I have tried cleaning the disks with toothpaste and it didn't help. Once I get this resurfacing machine, I will never have to worry about my games not booting up ever again.

If you're lucky, maybe someone in town can resurface the disks for you for like $5 each or something. Blockbuster and Rogers used to resurface games, I'm not sure if EB Games does either. It's getting harder and harder to find places that do it.


There is a local game store called pnp games that resurfaces games for like $5.99 CAD or something like that. I'll check them out some time. They are just so far from where I live ha-ha.


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^That is extremely cool! I have never seen such an awesome display of ones collection.





That's a nice label, is it a recent find?  Lots of Strider repros in the market since the proto was duped and released online for free..
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It is the original prototype cart I released the rom of in 2014.


psst! over here


That's one hell of a collection!!!  Beautiful!!!

Also, mad respect on the CIB GI Joe games, love those...


As promised, my Famicom collection now that it's "done". Quotations just in case I do end up adding something to it...but I won't take another set of pictures, this took over an hour. And I noticed only later that the camera made the right side of many pictures a bit fuzzy, I guess the focus was a bit off. Oh well. You can copy the image URL and open it in another window for a bigger version.

All my Famicom games are in storage boxes. They're normally kept at shelves, but this is what they look like all stacked up. The PS2 game is there to provide scale.

This is what they look like on the inside. They fit about 20 boxes in nicely, and I can slip a few more in there to the top and to the empty space for a max. of 24 or so.

I try to keep a bit of a theme going in the boxes, so I have an easier time finding the game I want. I had to put my shmups into two boxes because one just wasn't sufficient, so let's check those out first.

Next up, the Konami box.

Followed by the Capcom box. Plus a few games I just couldn't fit anywhere else. But hey, Doropie is basically Mega Man's brother from a different mother.

The next four boxes are (mostly) action games from many different companies, loosely organized by how awesome they are, starting from the most awesomest.

The puzzle box.

The last box started as my racing game box, but I was running out of space so I had to put in other stuff as well, some of which I'm not even sure why I bothered acquiring. It's those sturdy plastic boxes from Taito and Namco, they're just so damn alluring.

Bonus 1: My NES games. They're not in a box, just on a shelf.

Bonus 2: NES homebrew, and the best SMB2j cart ever.

Bonus 3: Some miscellaneous Famicom-related stuff I have. Probably should've included 8-bit Music Power here instead, now that I think about it. Didn't bother to unhooking the system itself, but I have a NESRGB-modded AV Famicom (my earlier PC-10 RGB modded AV Famicom has been relegated to backup position) and the usual assortment of controllers. And a Turbo Blaster NES peripheral for autofire, works great with the FC as well.

And that's it! The results of over 10 years of collecting for the system. I went and looked at my old posts on another forum, and on September 16, 2005 I had posted about acquiring my first Famicom game, which was Summer Carnival '92: Recca in all its CIB glory. It was expensive even back then. I didn't even have a Famicom when I bought the game! But that arrived soon as well, and there started my road that has now ended. At least as far as collecting goes. Now I can really focus on playing.



Ghegs, thanks so much for posting that rundown, looking forward to poring over it in detail!  But before I do - can I ask where you got that Recca book?  I saw someone that made one and a Bare Knuckle 3 Mania book, or so I thought - are they for sale somewhere?
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The book and the DVD came as a set. The VHS is actually the same footage, originally published whoknowswhen. It was re-released on DVD, along with the book, in 2011 or thereabouts. Out of print now again, not surprisingly. I got mine from the guy who runs If you want a copy, he might be able to track one down for you. Very cool guy, I've bought loads of stuff from and through him.

That reminds me, I do have the Recca OST somewhere. Dangit, would've been nice to have it in the picture as well.


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