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Show Your Stash!

Started by vealchop, November 18, 2006, 08:10:40 am

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Geekmiki - late reply but that is a pretty sweet looking collection.  Recca, Snow Bros. and Hitler no Fukatsu - nice.

I've updated my "stash" with new photos.  1100 Famicom carts cover my wall:

636 different carts plus about 500 duplicates.  And one Mega Drive cart that accidentally got mixed in there.  If you love a challenge, try to find it!


Wow, damn, 636 unique carts! You're almost there!
Nice wall!  ;D


Wow, that's amazing. Some day I want something nice like that...  :-\
>>>Current Collection<<< Updated 8/20/2014

-Click here for Photobucket Collection-


I refuse to ever take pics again till I have more than a cell phone that blurs things so bad you wouldn't even be able to make out each individual game  :P


Thanks Manuel, MS-DOS4.   :)


Wow... where do you live? Maybe I should move there. ;)

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Nobiman - I've been keeping my collection secret, so hopefully I don't suffer the same fate! :(

All the women I've dated loved the Nintendo nerdiness.
Some of them would even try to take some of my stuff...


It is a time to a little refresh that topic.

Drawer with my jewels.  ;D

Famicom AV & two very good Famiclones.

Famiclone on which I play.

And my Famicom Flash cards.

That is not all. Other photos I add next time. :)


Wow, nice!  :D

Like that Famiclone at the bottom - just like a real Famicom, but gray!  And it's funny how the Famiclone packaging is trying to mimic the NES packaging.


I still get good feelings looking at the old NES.  What a fine system.  :)

Nice stash!


Okay, today more accuracy pictures of my carts.


Famicom original cards:


EXCELLENT collection machbed! You really are a software - gourmand!
I can see many titles that I would really want to have myself! And also an original Pegasus model with some great looking flash carts!


Thanks, I'm sure sooner or later you find titles which you want to have. :)


Working my way up there. It's tough collecting pirates in the US.  :gamer:

Machbed, do they sell pirates on the streets in Poland? You and MWK have huge collections.
>>>Current Collection<<< Updated 8/20/2014

-Click here for Photobucket Collection-


Nice collection.
Quote from: MS-DOS4 on January 29, 2011, 03:50:58 pm
Machbed, do they sell pirates on the streets in Poland?

Unfortunately this is becoming less. I buy my pirates on polish auctions, from friends and in that forum. :)
I know MWK, Your Recca is from me. MWK bought that card from me for you. ;)


Nice :)
Where You find boxed pirates (Somari, SMW)? What are the cost of these games?