HVC *GPM* (Oops)? What is the meaning? + FC CPU Board Revision Numbers

Started by Xious, September 27, 2010, 07:09:24 am

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EDIT: I noticed that it is only the GMP Famicom systems got a VCI (the Japanese FCC) rating sicker, and perhaps GMP is 'Government Mandated Product'. :)

Nintendo Co, Ltd. always used English words for product codes. HVC = Home Video Computer, or HFC-VCN (Video Computer Network) for the Network Adapter, or example. If you liik at the logic board on late-model Famicoms, the logic board is part number HVC-CPU-GMP, but unlike most of their product codes, the GMP designation doesn't seem to mean anything sensible. The G probably means Graphics, due to the hardwired RF-modulator, but that's just a guess. if so, then Graphics what? Graphics Modulator PCB?

Does anybody know what this code translates into? The serial code is HCxxxxxxx for the GMP version versus the Hxxxxxxx serial on the original design.

Also, does anybody have a rev 1 of this board (HVC-CPU-GMP-01), (G-=r or any FC board with a revision lower than? I thought I had a HVC-CP-03 or -04, but I can't find it now and I could be mistaken... I'll need to dig out my SB FC and see what number it has on it.

I can tell you that the square-button FC isn't the only model to have a smooth bottom! There is a transition period between the square and round buttons that has the Rev 05 logic board and a smooth bottom casing with round-button controllers. Mine has a serial number around H3000000. it's impossible tot ell if it was converted over though,but i expect that NCLstill had smooth bottom cases leftover when they transitioned to the round-button controllers. (There's probably a treasure trove with 2+ million sets of the original square-button joypads in a landfill somewhere, just begging to be excavated!).

In any case, I'll check the exact number on my list and edit this later. NCL used true sequential serial numbers on their products, so it makes it easy to date them with an external visual inspection. This means that at least 3,000,000 units were made with a smooth bottom, and I have Rev 07 units with serials as high as H9000000, so the transition to the GMP version took place around the 10-Million unit mark, which would make the GMP-02 version the most plentiful of all. The rough bottom transition happened around serial H3500000, if you're curious.

What are the lowest and highest serial numbers that anybody owns of each version (H and HC)?

I'm trying to create a serial number 'cheat-sheet' for identifying what'.s inside a FC and FDS by the number. I already have a good chart for the FDS, including which controller and what power board to expect without opening it, and now I'm going this on the FC. I have another 60 or so units on the way to me to examine, so I'll track my findings, but I'm wondering if there is a h serial over 10-Million,, what the lowest HC serial that anybody has is, and if there is anything in-between (HB or HA). Then again, the HC designation may be for (H)VC-C)ost-reduced or something like that.

So, let me know if you have an H-serial FC lower than 3,000,000 or higher than 9,999,999 and if you have an HC system below 3,000,000 or above 5,000,000. Those are the ranges of the systems that I have handy. :) If you have a H-serial that starts with a zero, I'd be very curious what logic board revision is inside it!



Here's a handful of Famicom serial numbers:


Mine are:


I don't think that HVC-CPU-03, HVC-CPU-04 and HVC-CPU-GPM-01 really were for sale, they maybe rot somewhere in development office... (correct me with photos if mistaken!) EDIT: they exist! Read ahead...
And don't forget that there is still that issue of changing PCB in repairs shop, so your famicom could have other PCB when new-in-box than it has today. So joining serial numbers with PCB revisions is not 100%.
Also check the other topic for my S/N.

And GMPGPM? Good Manufacturing Practice? Meh, it could be, because this revision is an improvement over all others, added more capacitors (cleaning signals), redesigned traces, RF box not separated, video output circuit changed and much more, in company I used to work, the good manufacturing praxis used to mean improving the process of our work through new better ideas so...
...all right, probably not, but...


Well, it's possible, but I doubt it. The code always has to do with the product, not the process. Heck, it could mean Great Magical powers, for all I know. This is all pure speculation, after all. I think it is something along the lines of 'Graphics Modulator PCB', or 'Graphics Modulator Permanent' but I'm open to further suggestions, or actual data if anybody knows. It's be cool to track down some of the old NCL staff to field questions lime this, if they'd be willing to participate. :)

Anyhow, here are the serials that I have for a numbers spreads. I know that some repaired systems may have swapped boards, but this is not standard practice, and most systems have their original PCBs (from what I've seen). In any event, swaps dome by NCL were always for later rev boards, and I think they marked the systems with a repair service sticker (can somebody confirm this?).

Therefore, this is just a guideline, not a rule, but lower numbered systems will usually have older boards. That's why I'd like to know what's in the systems with serials under 1.5 Million: I'm pretty sure that NCL shipped either the Rev 03 or Rev 04 boards on very early models, which is why I was asking if anybody has a serial staring with H0; I see that there is an H11 serial out there, which I'd like to confirm with a photo, and if so, there are at least 11-Million units made before the GMP revision.

Here are the serials and revisions on three example units:

H2747892 - Smooth bottom, round buttons, Rev 05
H3509804 - Rough bottom, round buttons, Rev 06
H3558622 - Rough bottom, round buttons, Rev 07
H9874667 - Rough bottom, round buttons, Rev 07

Thus, NCL switched from Rev 06 to Rev 07 somewhere between unit number 3,509804 and 3,558,622; That's a gap of around 57,000 units, so it's important to find out the earliest known Rev 06 unit's serial number in order to get a fix on how many Rev 06 systems NLC made, as well as how many Rev 05 systems were made.

If anybody has a H1 or H0 serial, please let me know the revision of the PCB. You can check just by removing the bottom case, as the Rev number is marked in the corner of the bottom (solder-dide) of the  PCB-. It.s a small two-digit number near the front of the console, with the front facing you, on the left, meaning that you don't have to remove the CB to check the revision number, only the red bottom-case. You'll see 07, 06 or 05 there normally. if you see 04, 03, 02 or 01, please tell me and take a photo!

I'm trying to document as much as I can about Nintendo part numbers, and revisions along with precise dating and production numbers for Jerry Griner's book. :) I can always ensure that you are credited as a contributor if you wish.


Hi all... I've been out of it lately, but I wanted to put an UPDATE here, for those intereted:

I found my Rev 04 Famicom (HVC-CPU-04), which is one of my square-button units. The serial number is just over 1,000,000 (H10xxxxx), and I have some others in this range that I'll check.

I still think that there are Rev 03 or mayybe even 02  boards out there as well, for I recall seeing one in the past.

I am making a catalogue of the serial numbers and the oards inside and I'll upload photos of my rev 04 board ASAP for the doubters.

I also discovered another serial designation:

HV0000000 format. This is a GMP-02  board , like the HC0000000 serial format, but *without* shielding on the 60-pin cart port. I have some theories about the deaignations that I'll post in my write-up sometime in late Oct or early Nov..

If anybody has a FC with a serial starting with a leading zero (e.g. H0012345), I'd like to know what is inside (or even to buy it for my museum).

That's all for now. When I get a chance to photograph and catalogue all the serials and revisions, I'll update this again.



My research, while incomplete, points to this: The second-wave FC, with the RF board on the mainboard, has two distinct additional features: additional shielding, and a VCCI sticker. With the discovery of a FC unit using this board having a serial number starting with HV instead of HC, I believe that the designation is due to new VCCI regulations, and stands for...da da ta da:

Government Mandated Process / Government Mandated Procedure.
I believe that the VCCI cnaged their standards for shielding on RF devices, and this required additional shielding on the Famicom RF modulator, and that in the process of adding it, NCL decided to redesign the entire video system to improve it and make it meet the new spec at the same time. The resulting Government Mandated Procedure board became designated 'GMP'.

I have yet to discover a GMP-01 board, but if they exist, I suspect they are HV serials, which I believe to predate the HC designation serials. HV serials may mean HVC VCCI, where HC may simply mean HVC Cost-Reduced: I need to compare the two to ee if I can find any differences.[/s]. My findings are therefore part speculation, and part empirical, so I will continue to research it, and hope for a reply from NCL to my inquiry.

I'm really going senile. The PCB code is GPM, not GMP. It could be 'Government Procedure Modification', but I think I'll wait for an official answer, rather than speculating any further. I've been wasting my time on the wrong acronym, from bad memory. Sigh...


Wow that's an interesting find! I mean, it's really possible.. ok 99% possible :) ...but you must admit that my guess wasn't far away from your discovery :P

EDIT: AHH GMP / GPM. I  was using GMP too, on my site and everywhere, even in my signature. ....damn it.


So I'm finally a happy owner (thanks senseiman!) of a Square Button Famicom! And right from the start, I was amazed from the board revision, or should I say missing revision number. My board has only HVC-CPU and nothing more, could this be THE first board release?
Check the board photos here https://picasaweb.google.com/104600295437428529732/SquareButton?authkey=Gv1sRgCKnWhd_GhrKDhAE
BTW serial number on the smooth-bottom is H1346565
Any ideas? :bub:


The date codes on the chips date back to June-July 1983 so it looks like you've got a launch system! Nice score!


I wonder if those components soldered on the bottom side are some sort of fix for the alleged problems the launch systems had. ::)


For those who are interested:
I have made a mistake in identifying the revision of my latest aquisition - the square button Famicom (2 posts before this one) - I blindly overlooked the small number in the corner of the PCB, which clearly states revision no. 3
Check this picture, it's the white "03" written there, (left of the I. controler connector):

and if you check Xious' thread here
he is clearly talking about and showing us his board revision 04, which number is also visible in the corner as "04".

Xious wrote there "Rev-04 logic board (from what I can tell, it's the real first release)".
Since mine is revision 3, it predates Xious'  board and thus far is the oldest confirmed board revision!
[EDIT - read ahead]

Quote from: 133MHz on September 03, 2011, 09:09:37 pm
I wonder if those components soldered on the bottom side are some sort of fix for the alleged problems the launch systems had. ::)

I have added some close-up pictures of the added components, check the album link in my previous post.


Nice find. If you ever want to part with it send me a note, as I don't remember if i have an 03 unit, though I recall having one that was earlier than that boxed 04. These (pre-05) PCBs are the ones with the famous PPU problem; the Rev-05 and onward have no hardware/graphics problems of note.

There should still be rev-01 and rev-2 units out there somewhere as well. Versioning on these starts with 01, as I've said over and over; The question I have is at what point in the serial-number chain rev 01, 02 and 03 occur.  I seem to recall someone selling a Rev-01 some time back, but he didn't show photos of it internally, so it's hard to say if it was legitimate. :bomb:


Quote from: Xious on October 12, 2011, 05:33:25 am
I seem to recall someone selling a Rev-01 some time back, but he didn't show photos of it internally, so it's hard to say if it was legitimate. :bomb:

This Rev.01 was probably a mistake, as I have seen such sales countless times, the seller just states it's version 1 because it's HVC-001 (Nintendo code for Famicom console and not board revision number). Even better, when someone is selling "HVC-002", because this number is written on the bottom sticker which is in Japanese, and says "..use only Famicom AC adapter (part number HVC-002)..." :D

Da Bear

I have right now in front of me this one:

Smooth bottom
Round buttons

I'm planning on doing an AV mod on it. :bub: