Searching for presentation-advertising-promotional NES/FC rom

Started by jpx72, October 20, 2010, 01:55:04 am

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I am going to post the same question as on nesdev here, hope you won't mind...:

I was wondering if any of you can help me find some homebrew or original rom for using in NES and FC display... Something that shows how much this system can do, some auto-playing demos, NES/Famicom logos flying around, promotional texts like "8-bit POWER", color palette display rolling and stuff like that.
I am buliding a glass display with NES,  pads and a small color TV (and the same for Famicom) and want to insert a repro-cartridge with this set to actually show what it can do, or to advertise itself.
So far I've found the Bad apple demo, which is quite nice, but it's not really what i've been looking for.

I took inspiration from Game Boy Color Promotional Demo (video)

EDIT: Ok, I'm going to use the M82 menu rom for this, so consider this topic as SOLVED. But I'm not going to delete because of the link to Bad Apple!! nes rom, because I want you to see what that guy made NES/FC do.