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Anyone Try one of these?

Started by Jedi Master Baiter, October 27, 2010, 11:31:01 am

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Very cheap price but I don't know.

The best thing I did was mod a snes controller to work on my nes,it works awesome.

Jedi Master Baiter

I bought the Tomee gamepad,

& it just arrived today. :D

If I didn't know any better (like the Nintendo logo), I would confuse this for the real thing.  I don't have my official dogbone gamepad with me, but can anyone who has one tell me if the 'SELECT' & 'START' buttons are rubber or plastic.  These ones are plastic, which I think is better.

I don't have an NES where I am, but I have the Retroport plugs, so I tested it on FCEU, & it feels exactly like a dogbone, even to the annoying positioning of the 'A' + 'B' buttons! :(

The thumb naturally curves diagonally upward.  How is having them diagonally downward ergonomic?

I guess it depends on what game you're playing. :-\ I was playing Super Mario Bros.


Jedi Questmaster, I told you the were amazing clone controllers. My guess is they stuck an official one in a mold and copied it; they are identical shape. The official ones are rubber pads, but the plastic ones are colored the same as rubber. Lol

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Yeah, thank you Gremlin. ;D

You get a .


I got sad when my last dogbone failed, the official ones had iffy build quality and I couldn't afford the prices people wanted for theirs; so with a bit of searching eBay I discovered the Tomee controllers. Wonderful!

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Official dogbone gamepads are grossly overpriced.


Really? I got one for 2 bucks.  ;D
Sorry folks.


cubelmariomadness, a NES dogbone controller? Not the Famicom model, right?


Sorry folks.

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They should be 2 dollars.

And I don't care how much you paid for one, cubelmariomadness - they're still overpriced online.


I agree, charging prices that high for just a controller is crazy!

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Okee, here goes:

-Tomee has plastic START/SELECT buttons; Nintendo's are rubber :)
-Tomee's A/B buttons definitely feel different, like they need to be broken in a little bit :(
-Tomee's cord is much thinner, the plastic on the connector end also feels lighter, also has no ridges to grip :-\
-Tomee's cord length is also a few inches shorter :(
-Tomee's gamepad itself feels lighter, the plastic casing also feels slightly cheaper :-\
-Tomee's + pad feels much more precise, whereas Nintendo's is a little smoother - prob has to be broken in :-\
-Otherwise, it feels just like the official dogbone - no complaints here - the plastic buttons might actually be an improvement, seeing as Nintendo's rubber ones tend to wear out over time

Conclusion: I wouldn't pay more than $10 for either of these pieces of crap! The A/B button placement is awkward, it's NOT ergonomic; I can't play Super Mario Bros.!! F*** that!