Should I give the copy of the game I got?

Started by FamicomRetroGamer, November 10, 2010, 08:05:22 am

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The game is Mashed for PS2, and I don't really play PS2 at all due to the need of having a memory card and it doesn't look good on an HDTV.

As Mashed is also available for Xbox, I'm going to buy it for this system and send the PS2 version to my nephew, maybe he won't like it because it's not an average racing game.

I wonder why Sony used different colour DVD boxes i.e, blue, black and white. Why not go just with one colour? Like Microsoft did, which is green and they look great, all in one colour is perfect!


If you're going to get another version, and someone else might enjoy it, I don't see any reason to hold onto it. That's the difference between being a collector and a hoarder, I suppose.

Also, I like the odd different colored case, but if it's overdone it loses its specialness. Like if Nintendo had made a third of the games gold rather than just Zelda, it simply wouldn't have been as nice.

I actually don't remember any colored PS2 cases. I have a couple PS3 games that have different colored cases.
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Err, what country are you in? Blue PS2 cases are PAL. Black are NTSC. Make sure you check the region.