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+ 1 as a seller. Bought two carts off him. Arrived quickly and great packaged. Thanks


A really good guy who I have been dealing with a couple of times and which I hope to make further deals with in the future.  :) No complaints what so ever.


Another smooth transaction. MasterDisk bought a handful of Famicom carts from me. Great communication, quick payment.


+1. Painless transaction. Thanks!


Bought Aladdin (Hummer Team pirate) from him, arrived safely & works great  :)


+1 Great communication, packaged safely and was shipped pretty quickly too. Thank you! :D
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Bought a Tetris 9 in 1 multicart from him, well worth waiting for :) A+ seller!


MasterDisk helped me to buy a valuable cartridge. Our deal has successfully ended (with a `small` delay) and as a result I can recommend this helpful person  :)


Great customer. Fast and smooth transaction. Thanks for buying!!  :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
Yeah, sure


+ 1 as a seller. Bought two carts from him, and they arrived packaged excellently! Also, fast shipping and great communication. Folks, this guy deserves your business  ;D


Negative Feedback
racist, my JY series collect copycat, bid rival, malicious dump cartridge devalue, rude asking, revenge on refusal, purchase tracker, tout broker, It caused me great financial damage, liar, threat
ML ... 2019-07-21 (Sun) 20:14
I don't know NintendoKing.
You have to understand this.
If you spent $7700 to him. Then it is solely to him.
For 9 years I was honest.
You never believed any words I said.
I noticed you were bidding? => I chose not to bid (EL-101, JY-105...)
You saw it.
You can dislike me.
You should have told me earlier.
But you cannot say lies about me.
SC-129, etc. I could not know you were bidding.
Rockman 6-in-1
I put it in "broken" cartridge photo.
It is broken.
PCB did not match (MindKids PCB = )
I want to arrange this situation.
But it seems there is no way out.
Can we discuss?
I am not a FW admin.
I don't know them.
I posted about the bad experience.
They chose to take action.


@jjaeheee: stop harassing this guy, he is a saint and a great guy to deal with. I'm shit to deal with in comparison. The guy has a good reputation the whole world over, honest, polite, generous, and fair. Someone who started me off on this whole crazy adventure.

So some drama happened over a lost package years ago, not either of your faults. Grow a pair and move on, seriously. Or if you want to "talk" about it with me, I'm sure we can, the day our paths eventually cross.
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this goes in the engrish thread


I've replied by e-mail.
I hope we can find an agreement on all of this.
Even thought, that, I don't understand of what I'm being accused of.


1. You have spoken with NintendoKing.
we had never dealt before, he was cautious enough to ask me to prove I was MasterDisk on FamicomWorld.

2.Felt at your request.

2018-02-06 (화) 17:10 <>
안녕하세요. JY님. JY님의 카페를 가입하고 싶습니다만.
카페에 가입된 멤버가 아니면 이용할수 없다고 해서 가입하고 싶습니다만 가능하시나요? 답변 부탁드립니다.

loda98 my cart purchase. 2018.12.14 (fri)
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Tomasz Maciejewski 2018-07-15 (일) 06:23
Re: I checked on ebay
do you have website with your collection or sth similiar?

Jy 2018-07-15 (일) 10:17
Re: I checked on ebay

3. SMB2 video: It's a proof that you make a plan.

4. Skull & Crossbones It was my mistake.
But you are at the center of this case.